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Smart-Fit Training - Colour and vibrancy to bring data to life...

Smart-Fit Training

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Smart-Fit Training - Colour and vibrancy to bring data to life...

Smart-Fit Training

The brief

Smart-Fit Training are a newly formed company seeking to implement a unique approach to personal fitness. A key selling point of this new brand is the bespoke high intensity circuit courses twinned with live data from heart rate monitors provided for every participant.

Smart-Fit Training

Smart-Fit wished to ensure that a new brand for their business was developed with their bespoke offering in mind, but to avoid typical fitness branding which aim at the very serious athletes seeking for immediate body change; Smart-Fit's offering focusses on allover body workouts as well as education to ensure a positive workout/life balance.

Smart-Fit have developed a four core process to personal fitness, health and wellbeing, with Mind, Cardio, Endurance and Strength related classes. Owners David and Madeleine made it clear that the four cores needed to have a strong representation throughout any future marketing.

As a newly formed company, Smart-Fit saught assistance in an initial phase of work, not only with their new website, but with social networking implementation, stationery and flyers. In phases to follow, Smart-Fit wish to implement live and personalised statistics for individual performance at each course, allowing users to login and see their progress over time.

Our solution

Our awareness of Smart-Fit Training's long term vision helped us craft a brand which would stand the test of time and provide them with all the visual assets and guidance they would need now and in the future.

With a focus on individual personal data, we created a brand rich in colour, futuristic typography and simple iconography. This brand not only provides visual impact for their newly launched website and other printed brand assets but will naturally work with future site updates when implementing personalised user data into login areas.

Smart-Fit Training

We implemented this brand into a range of launch assets:

  • Website
  • Social Networks
  • Company Stationery
  • A5 Flyers

The design focuses around the four cores of Smart-Fit Training classes; Mind, Cardio, Strength and Endurance with each using a brand colour suitable for it's meaning (e.g. red for cardio due to it's link with the heart). Each core also has it's own additional logo and the main Smart-Fit logo is made up of the four cores, which when cycled through frequently lead to a healthy body and mind.

The layout of the website is designed with future infographic and data visualisations in mind - for future users who login, it will act as a dashboard showing all their personal stats and progress. The site benefits from content management, responsive layouts, video, class information, galleries, news and blogs as well as all the standard templating tools we provide through our CMS Serenity Source.


Initial feedback from staff at Smart-Fit Training and their new class members has been extremely positive, with individuals commenting that the brand matches the approach to fitness which David and Madeleine have employed.

The training, education, support and tools provided allow Smart-Fit to take complete control over their digital communication and link it to their social networking profiles which are extremely important to the successful implementation of this unique service, in a very competitive market.

Smart-Fit Training

"On behalf of Smart-fit Training, we would like to thank Serenity Digital for such a professional, responsive and personal service. From our initial meeting, you took the time to really understand us, our vision and our customer base and therefore took responsibility for turning our vision into reality. We very much appreciate the team’s effort over the last few months, it was an absolute pleasure working with a team with such an innovate and creative approach, a ‘can do’ attitude as well as the competence to deliver. We are absolutely thrilled with our brand and website, you exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with you again in the future."
Madeleine Bovey, Director

Smart-fit Training website