Proofreading and editing

Make your content stand out
You may have plenty of content, but is it doing what you need it to do? The quality of your copy, how it is written and the tone that is used is all essential in maintaining your brand integrity.

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Your copy says a lot about you as an organisation, so it’s important that it’s just right. Proofreading and editing your content will ensure that each and every communication that you publish is high quality, engaging, accurate and consistent.

The last thing you want to find is that the glossy brochure you’ve just had printed is littered with mistakes, or that the email you’ve sent to a thousand customers has a typo. Copy errors lessen the integrity of your brand so it is vital that your content is accurate in its grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.

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Tailor your copy

Making sure your content is perfect for every channel can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re relaunching your website with a fresh new design, have you also revisited your content? Porting old content over without proofreading and editing it can mean that your sparkly new website could be let down by mediocre, stale content.

While website content is extremely important for any business, your day to day copy should pack a punch too. From your social media content and email campaigns, to case studies, news articles and blogs, the copy for each needs to be just right to engage your target audience. 

It’s not easy to find the time to pull the content together for much-needed marketing communications, let alone checking and double checking it all for accuracy and consistency.

That’s where we come in

Our proofreading and editing service can ensure that your content is in tip top shape and that it’s crafted perfectly to appeal to your target market.

We can be that fresh pair of eyes to give your content the once over. We will proofread, sense-check and edit where necessary to ensure your materials have the greatest impact possible on your audience.

Accurate communications show that you’re a professional organisation that cares about the level of service they provide, so why not let us help you achieve that? If you think your content could benefit from a little TLC, get in touch.

Content TLC

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