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Ecommerce allows for the purchase of products, goods and services via the internet.

Ecommerce development describes the range of activities involved in building websites and applications which allow for buying online.

The range of activities involved in selling online is not limited to the physical coding and creation of ecommerce functionality. Consideration also needs to be given to mobile commerce, payment transfer, stock management, delivery management, marketing and web development.

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Why sell online?

A huge benefit to moving sales online is availability. Most businesses physically close down overnight, so having an online presence which can continue to sell your products and services outside of these hours is of huge importance.

For retailers, traditional bricks and mortar based sales come with significant overheads which can be drastically reduced by placing your products online. Much of the activity involved in selling online can automate so much of the sale, from presenting the products, taking payment, organising delivery and automated follow up sales via email or SMS marketing. Running a successful sales strategy online requires less staff and physical shop locations. Whereby third-party fulfilment is used, warehouse space can also be removed from your cost of sale equation.

A range of these approaches allows for a higher profit margin, or in competitive industries, lower prices, so that you can remain competitive.


Obviously, competition on the internet is huge. With so many disruptions and ease to find alternative locations to buy, it’s imperative that your ecommerce-enabled sites provide a fantastic user experience.

We have experience of selling products and goods online almost since ecommerce inception. Serenity Digital have successfully delivered ecommerce-enabled sites in bespoke formats (such as through our CMS Serenity Source) and with off the shelf systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce (through WordPress) and ZenCart.

Having the technical expertise to deliver robust, secure and fast systems, the creative talents to build intuitive layouts and engaging design and the acquisition skills to deliver leads from a range of locations on and offline puts us in a very strong position.

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If you have a site you wish to move away from Magento, are interested in boosting sales of your products on your existing ecommerce-enabled website, improving your existing ecommerce website or have a new ecommerce project you wish to discuss, please get in touch.

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