Email marketing

You've got mail!
Build brand awareness, increase engagement, generate new leads and nurture existing relationships.

Unlike personal email, email marketing tools allow the sender to email content to a large volume of individuals at the same time, removing the repetition required in doing it manually.

Email marketing is primarily used to build brand awareness, increase engagement, generate new leads, nurture existing relationships or help increase sales.

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The benefits of email marketing

The cost of email marketing is extremely low on a cost per recipient basis.

Although recent history leads many to perceive email marketing simply as spamming, it does provide significant returns on investment where an intelligent email marketing strategy is employed.

Through the correct use of personalised and segmented campaigns, the recipient not only perceives, but receives real added value. Messages and communications targeted to individuals based on their interests, behaviour and requests will improve their perception of your brand.

Where email campaigns are responsive, your recipients can absorb your communications via smartphones and tablets whilst on the move. And, with the use of the best email marketing software, automation, reporting and split testing allows for the measurement and refinement of future campaigns.

Communicating on the go

Our clients benefit from the use of our email marketing software and our expertise in creating engaging, on-brand communications, delivered across multiple devices.

We begin by working on an email campaign strategy designed to deliver frequent, engaging and useful communications to individuals, not numbers.

We design and build bespoke email marketing templates capable of delivering segmented and personalised messages to your recipients. After inserting your content and configuring data fields within, we can automate when the campaign is sent and split test subject lines to increase open rates.

Our software meets General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) using its “explicit permission” system and data preference centre, allowing recipients to manage the data you hold on them (and unsubscribe where they wish to).

Email marketing

We also provide real time reporting, showing who has opened, where they are and what they have clicked on, providing our clients with important usage data to learn from. Our email marketing strategies help our clients regularly achieve and often exceed the average open rates in their respective fields. And due to the quality of the design and message within, our client campaigns regularly exceed average click through rates by 100%.

If you have a failing email marketing strategy you wish to improve or would like to learn more about implementing new email marketing campaigns, please get in touch.

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