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Peter Garrett

DATE: 20th January 2020
CATEGORY: acquisition
TAGS: email marketing, marketing strategy, pay per click marketing, search engine optimisation, social marketing
AUTHOR: Peter Garrett

Providing an exceptional customer experience and helping our clients grow their business through our activities is one of our main priorities. For us there’s nothing more satisfying than a happy client and a set of analytics that show the impact our work is having.

We work with a range of clients from many sectors and industries and to each we bring a fresh range of ideas and concepts. We have completed many projects since our inception in 2012, everything from branding and web design to software and database development and much, much more.

Over the past few years, we have also expanded our skill set and our team to enable us to offer retained services such as Editorial management, Social media management, Digital advertising, Email marketing and measurement/reporting, all providing extremely positive results.

Many of our retained client activities have taken place after an initial project where we have provided a high quality service and the client has needed support in one of these areas.

Editorial management

Editorial management

Research shows that regularly updated websites perform much better than a static, lifeless one. Our editorial management service takes control of your content so you don’t have to. We brainstorm and research the ideas, with input from you to ensure all the hot topics and key areas are covered.

We produce an editorial calendar to schedule your upcoming content. Content is produced in a shared environment, making it easy for all team members to comment and provide feedback. The frequency of copywriting and publication is up to you whether it be:

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly blogs, news, case studies or interviews published on your website;
  • Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly email campaigns to promote special offers, discounts, industry insights, company news and blogs, or even a digest of all updates you wish to promote; 
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly social posts to promote your content and engage directly with your audience; or
  • A combination of all of the above.

As part of our editorial and content management service, we ensure that all accompanying media is fit for purpose, whether this be your own photography, stock photos, animated gifs or videos.

Social media management

Winchester Caravans instagram on mobile

This can be part of our editorial management service (above) or you can simply opt for social media alone. We'll do the research and brainstorming, working with you to create the topic ideas, write the copy, source imagery and schedule your posts for you to platforms of your choice. We take care of scheduling your posts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram so we’re sure to reach your desired audience.

As part of our research we'll measure and learn what times of the day and week you get the best engagement and ensure to promote your content on your social profiles at the optimum time to get the best results. And, where agreed we can monitor and react to engagement with your posts as well as following, sharing or liking content from affinity profiles which will in turn generate more interest in your content.

Our social media management service can include:

  • Copywriting all content for individual posts
  • Editing photography, animation and/or video for posts
  • Uploading media and content
  • Scheduling for optimum performance
  • Monitoring and reacting to feedback/engagement
  • Following, liking, sharing and engaging to increase your audience size
  • Regular reporting on progress

Digital advertising

Winchester Caravans advertising on tablet

We provide advertising consultancy and management across both search and social platforms and ensure high performance and a significant return on advertising spend. Our specialists use advanced strategies to get your content in front of your ideal audiences at the optimal stage of the purchasing journey, using factors such as time of day, season or even TV scheduling and today's weather to adjust the bidding on accordingly on your campaign.

Our paid search engine and social media marketing expertise also includes remarketing campaigns, both on Search and Display networks. Bringing your prospects back onto your website with targeted advertising all across the web to complete their purchase or get in touch can make all the difference.

Our digital advertising service can include:

  • Google Ads marketing
  • Google Display marketing
  • Google Remarketing
  • Bing Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising

Email marketing

Email marketing on mobile phone

Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective form of marketing and when used in conjunction with well crafted copy, an engaged audience and when providing a distinct benefit to that audience, yields some of the best return on investment of all marketing mediums.

We utilise the latest technologies to deliver creative and engaging campaigns with high deliver-ability, segmentation and personalised content. In line with all regular marketing we manage for our clients we provide comprehensive reporting and access to individual statistics to allow our clients to react accordingly to email campaign engagement.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Email copywriting
  • Editing photography for posts
  • Uploading media and content
  • Recipient list management and integrations with your website
  • Scheduling for optimum performance
  • Regular reporting on progress

Search engine optimisation

Programming to achieve search engine optimised site

Our search engine optimisation service doesn't employ any dark arts or magic, but merely a frequent and measured approach to ensure that your website performs to its best. Depending on your requirements, the frequency of updates to and the size of your website, we'll assign an appropriate catchment of monthly time to optimise your site.

Our SEO service includes:

  • Researching new content opportunities (based on historical search engine traffic and industry research)
  • Speed optimisations to improve the user friendliness of the site
  • Security enhancements to ensure your site is trusted by search engines and users
  • Regular reviews of page titles, descriptions and on page content
  • Reviews of HTML usage and how to get the best out of site
  • Checking for broken links to pages in your or other sites and/or broken images
  • Image compression and descriptions
  • Ensuring that the site and all new content is optimised for multiple devices
  • Optimising content for sharing on social networks
  • Site compression and shared asset hosting
  • Regular reporting on progress

Comprehensive measurement and reporting

Statistics and reports on performance

All of the above services are worthless if not measured. In order to ensure we, and you, know where best to allocate your future budgets, we'll employ event and goal tracking throughout your marketing mediums to understand which are working best for you.

Each month our clients receive a report on the progress of each platform with a list of future enhancements and suggestions for them to approve each month. Most of our contracts also include a quarterly review to run through reports in full and work together to come up with new creative content and ideas for your site and wider marketing.

Our reporting activities include:

  • Employing tracking codes across all inbound channels to your website to measure the performance of each
  • Setting up goal tracking on your website on all lead generation forms or engagement points (e.g. telephone clicks, email clicks, downloads etc...)
  • Exporting statistics from your website, email marketing, social profiles and advertising platforms
  • Consolidating statistics into a comprehensive, monthly report
  • Meeting quarterly to review reports and discuss future activities

What some of clients say about us:

TJ Group

“When searching for a digital agency to help drive the continued growth of our business, Serenity Digital’s ability to immerse themselves in our business to provide creative yet pragmatic solutions really emphasised that they were a cut above the rest. Our ongoing relationship is testament to their ability to translate our digital marketing needs into real business results and keep us at the forefront of our industry.”
Luke Haskell, General Manager at TJ Waste & Recycling

Capita Procurement Solutions

“The level of professionalism and high standard of service we have received through our working relationship with Serenity Digital is exceptional. They are not only providing a quality service but are always there on hand to help even with things that they are not working on with us. I cannot fault their patience, organisational skills, attention to detail or meeting deadlines not only on time but often earlier than agreed. After many years of working with various agencies I would truly recommend them for any future work, especially if you are looking to be treated as a unique client with that extra personal touch.“
Branny Kilibarda, Head of Marketing


“Working with Serenity Digital has been an absolute pleasure. The staff are professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. They delivered our project on time and on budget and although timescales were tight, it appeared effortless. The training they provided was comprehensive and they followed it up with regular support as and when we needed it. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with them on our next project!”
Russell Crowe, Managing Director

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