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We design database management systems that work quickly and efficiently with your software, reducing duplication and storage space.

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Databases are used as an efficient way to store large amounts of information.

In their simplest form, they are very much like large Excel spreadsheets, but rather than having a single sheet of records, data is spread over a range of database tables.

The main focus of a database designer or developer is to create a system that will store the data in its most efficient way, removing duplication and relating data according to the real-world relationships that might exist.

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Crucial for software

Databases form the backbone of most applications. Wherever information is being created, updated or deleted, it’s very likely that this information is being stored in a database format.

Data can be stored in a range of formats, designed for each type of field, allowing data to be stored in its most efficient way.  Some examples of the types of data most people have had some interaction with includes employee records, project management, ecommerce inventories, website page data and accounting.

Without the utilisation of a database management system, controlled via an intuitive user interfaces, creating, updating, deleting or moving records in the examples above would be a manual process, which would take far longer than doing it digitally.

Why us?

When designing database management systems, we consider the five major components of its design: People, Procedures, Hardware, Software and Data.

During documentation of the system, we’ll consider who has access to change data at varying levels of access rights. We work with our clients to put in place procedures and training to ensure those with access know how to work with the system. Based on the likely size of the database, we’ll consider both the short and long-term data requirements as they will impact what hardware is required to keep connectivity fast and storage efficient. During specification we document the data that will be kept within the database and produce detailed database design to demonstrate the relationships between the records kept.

Once all this information is pulled together we then begin to design the software which will most likely interact with the database. We specify “views” which detail the actions and events within the software and these are then used by our design team to produce visuals for approval.

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Our systems follow modern best practice design reducing duplication and ensuring efficiency. Databases are stored in similar (but not necessarily the same) locations to the software to ensure quick data transfer and both the software and database is secured using a range of techniques. Penetration tests are available upon request.

If you have a software project which is reliant on a back end database or if you have an existing, slightly clunky or slow database-powered system you would like optimising, please get in touch.

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