Graphic design

Realising your message
Compelling, insightful and engaging communications created across a range of traditional and digital mediums.

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Graphic design seeks to solve a communication problem through the use of visual media.

Traditionally graphic design communicated a message through printed mediums, but with the creation of digital devices in the 20th century, a large proportion of communications now occur on electronic devices.

A graphic designers’ role will be to interpret a brief and visualise it to yield the best possible results. They will consider the audience, what the message is, where it will be seen and on what medium before ideas begin to take shape. They will also employ typography, colour, shape, branding, symbolism, arts, layout and more when preparing compositions.

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Demonstrating professionalism

Whenever you are communicating with your audience, you will wish to do it professionally (even if your aim is not to look professional).

No matter what medium, well prepared and consistent artwork will ensure that your message is engaging and understandable by the demographics you wish to appeal to.

Utilising experts with an understanding of the constraints of each medium will ensure that there are no embarrassing mistakes - incorrect colours in the print process, typos on 10,000 leaflets, facilities that do not work on tablets and phones, words which do not display in older browsers or layouts that are not optimised for email. Professional design that avoids these pitfalls is worthy of our time and your investment.

No templates or blueprints

We pride ourselves on creating visual communications that are built to meet the needs of the end user and solve the challenges that our clients face.

We do not re-use, copy and paste, duplicate or mirror from templates and blueprints when designing communication collateral for our clients.

We produce engaging, visually compelling results for all of clients. Their collateral clearly communicates the message and demonstrates credibility through consistency. We avoid costly reproduction where errors may otherwise have been made by cheaper alternatives. To  ensure your communications have longevity, we do not follow fashion or the latest trends. And, where already in existence, we always follow agreed branding to the letter to ensure consistency with existing communications.

If you’re looking to refresh your sales collateral, review or improve your branding, considering a new website design, or would like to generate new leads through creative email campaigns or advertising, please get in touch.

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