Spark Inside

Branding and printed collateral to provide this award-winning charity with a flexible visual identity aimed at multiple audiences.

Client background:

Spark Inside

Spark Inside are an innovative, award-winning charity who deliver coaching programmes in prisons to encourage rehabilitation, lower violence and reduce re-offending, to ultimately create a safer society for all of us.

Spark Inside has two programmes: Hero’s Journey and The Conversation. The award-winning Hero’s Journey is a life coaching programme for young men aged 15-25 in prison to reduce violence and re-offending. The Conversation is a systems coaching programme for large groups of prison staff and people in prison to improve their relationships and promote positive cultural change.

To date, Spark Inside has worked with over 1,000 individuals living and working in prisons across London and the south east.

The requirement

Spark Inside wanted to design a new brand and create two new sub brands that would appeal to all of their respective audiences. Detailed documentation of the brand was also required to ensure that they are applied consistently and to ensure brand integrity. Serenity Digital worked closely with the client’s communications team to discover what would work best for their audiences.

The main tasks were:

  • A new brand design for the charity as a whole.
  • Two sub brand designs for the charity’s two training programmes - Hero’s Journey and The Conversation.
  • Production of a range of printed materials to support the training programmes.

Spark inside Brand Guidelines

Spark Inside brand guidelines on screen

The challenges

There were several challenges that needed to be addressed in order to achieve a positive outcome:

  • A clear visual identity was needed, one that visibly communicated the values of the charity.
  • The charity has a wide range of different audiences with very differing views and requirements.
  • The public-facing main brand needed to encourage grant-making bodies and philanthropists to fund their work, and engage with policy makers at significant positions within government.
  • Hero’s Journey needed to appeal to young people in prison - predominantly those who have grown up in urban environments, often with challenging childhoods.
  • The Conversation needed to appeal to both prison staff and people in prison – two very different audiences.
  • Swift turnaround was imperative; everything had to be completed within six weeks.

The solution

Serenity Digital completed the design of Spark Inside’s branding and training materials which included:

  • A 52-page brand guideline document in A4 landscape format for easy printing in office (print and interactive digital versions were both provided).
  • A brand library with brand and sub brand rasterised and vector logos, colour swatches, fonts, illustrations, infographics, both raw photography and graphics with brand effects overlaid, sample case study and report design and social icons.
  • Three A3 posters for both programmes (in and out of prison cell versions).
  • Three promotional A5 leaflets for both training programmes and their respective audiences.
  • Two appointment slips in DL format for each programme.
  • Gold leaf overlaid certificate of completion for young people who successfully finish Hero’s Journey.

Spark Inside sample report in print

“Before working with Serenity Digital, we hosted a focus group with young people in prison who had been on our programmes to ask them how our programmes should be marketed. Peter made sure the young people’s ideas were the basis of our key design elements, which were then incorporated into our brand guidelines and across our 10-piece suite of marketing materials.

We didn’t want any stereotypical prison iconography in our branding, and Serenity Digital really took this on board and worked hard and collaboratively with us to come up with appealing brands for our target audiences. Since we received the final products, our marketing materials have been rolled out in the prisons we work in across London and the South East, and we have seen an increase in engagement to our programmes since.

Young people especially enjoy receiving their Hero’s Journey certificates, which really stand out compared to the quality of other materials that are available in prisons. Serenity Digital stuck to our tight timelines and incorporated all of our feedback. We’re really thankful to the Serenity Digital team for their hard work on this project.”

Spark Inside

Spark inside sample photography with effects

The outcome

Serenity Digital delivered the project effectively and efficiently, fulfilling all of Spark Inside’s requirements. Their reaction on seeing the new branding and materials was: “We love this! It looks so great!” They went onto add: “We were really pleased with the final result. This is the first time we have ever had professional brand guidelines and a suite of marketing materials; it really galvanised the HQ team and gave us a strong sense of being brand ambassadors.”

All the project aims were achieved and Spark Inside now have:

  • A consistent look and feel that has now been implemented across all of their communication material.
  • Improved credibility and strengthened relationships with existing and new partners.
  • Increasing awareness of the brand.
  • Used the new brand to create more marketing materials, including a three-minute animation and a website refresh.

"Spark Inside were an incredible team to work with. To help with the process, I attended a sample Hero’s Journey session to see how the programme is delivered. This gave us a real insight into the positive impact that the programme has and helped our team develop a brand which really suited the objectives of this fantastic charity. We’re incredibly proud of what was produced and have been overwhelmed by the feedback from the client."

Peter Garrett, Director, Serenity Digital