Content strategy

Timely and frequent communications
Use the right mediums at the correct times and with the best message to engage your audience.

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You have a number of platforms in place that enable you to communicate with your audience, but have you considered what it is you’d like to say?

Content strategy involves the planning and documentation of the messages you wish to deliver to your consumers, clients, prospects, suppliers or staff.

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Why content strategy?

Put yourself in the place of your target market for a few seconds. Do they honestly understand what you’re about? Do they feel taken care of? Are they abreast of important changes in your industry, or to your products and services?

By documenting a clear editorial plan, you can avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes: social profiles with most recent posts over a year old, blogs left empty but for the “website launch” post, lifeless email newsletters repeating the same information from the previous quarter.

A clear content strategy will document what you are going to say, who you will be saying it to, when and where. Ideally, you’ll have a wide range of ideas documented that map out your communications for the next 6-12 months of marketing activity, and we can help you get there.

We'll get you going...

Let’s start with a good old brainstorm. We love rolling up the sleeves and bashing out creative and innovative ideas.

We’ll research and document all the subject matter available to you, document where and when you wish to communicate, and help you draft content by providing best practice advice.

Once we’re ready to begin, we’ll be responsible for publishing and promoting your content on a range of different mediums and measuring how each performs. By reviewing the statistics of each channel, we can then learn which approach works best and optimise your future communications as a result.

We know that unique and compelling content can sometimes be hard to come by, so if you’re looking for assistance from an energetic and eager team, please let us know.  


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