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Marketing strategy involves the initial work of designing and documenting marketing campaigns designed to achieve specific aims for your organisation.

Your marketing strategy could be all-encompassing considering all areas of activity for your business or it may be that you have a smaller campaign you wish to focus on.

These campaigns could be to focus on increasing sales, launch a new product or service, produce new leads or improve engagement with your audience. Or they could be all of the above, whilst considering how each area of activity will impact the other.

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Taking it seriously

It’s likely that no matter what your aim(s) are, you'll be in competition with another organisation or business. So it’s crucial that you have an intelligent and considered strategy documented to detail how you’ll achieve your targets.

Marketing strategy will pull together a range of areas of operation within your organisation, so documenting how they will work together and what they need from each other is also crucial. You’ll want to document and understand what it might cost, how it will be promoted, who you will be targeting, who you will be competing with, what resource may need to be in place and other factors outside of your organisation that may impact the success of the campaign(s).

Here to help…

We bring a wealth of knowledge, best practice and real-world experience across a variety of mediums and platforms.

RS Divers branding

We’ll help you understand what will be the best route to market, how to make the most of your budgets, who will need to be involved and when, how to attract your ideal consumer and how to compete with your competitors.

We offer a range of services to make your plan happen. We’ll consider the message and how best to deliver it, discussing exciting new ways to break the mould. Your campaign will then be constructed around a range of mediums (both print and digital) designed to attract your audience. We’ll form strategies to create interest in your campaign whilst continually measuring which mediums yield the best results.

We’d love to pitch our creative and innovative marketing approach to you, so if you have a marketing challenge ahead of you, please give us a call.

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