Social Marketing

Connect and converse
Communicate with your audience, listen to their feedback, learn more about them and respond to improve your brand and services.

Social marketing describes the activity involved in promoting your brand, products or services across social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

Social media platforms have been designed to encourage the sharing of unique, user-generated information and ideas across virtual communities, forums and networks.

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Converse with your audience

Social media presents marketers with a wealth of opportunities to connect with, share to and learn more about their audience.

Social media sites present a consistent set of tools and functions that are easier for your audience to use, allowing them to find and connect with you in a simpler way, therefore increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Through listening to feedback, expression of comments, conversing directly and reviewing real-time data you can understand more about your customers, their brand perception and learn to adapt to their needs.

Most social media sites allow for the creation of pay per click and pay per impression branded advertisements allowing you to distribute your content to a wider, untapped, segmented audience allowing you to increase awareness and generate new leads to your website.

As social media sites allow you to distribute your own content quicker, they tend to generate additional website traffic and improve the search engine ranking for your brand too.

Designing your social marketing strategy

As with all campaign strategy, we begin by discussing what messages you wish to distribute and who they should be aimed at.

All your communications should be tailored to the audience who are most likely to disseminate it and the tone of voice should be adjusted based on the platform you are distributing to, the audience location, demographics and their interests.

Through a series of discussions, we’ll document your content and the format it will be published in. We’ll produce a brand library of supporting imagery, video and animations (where relevant) and we’ll take care of publishing your content at the best times for each platform and audience.

As required we also put in place resource to manage the responses to questions and comments on your profiles from your consumers, integrated automated messaging where available. Social media is a three-way conversation which allows you to speak directly to your customer and for them to speak to you and to each other. We support our clients by easing the burden of management of this often confusing range of tools.

Social media brainstorming

If you are interested in implementing a new social marketing strategy or have social media accounts which have little to be desired, please get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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