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Utilise an intelligent remarketing strategy to entice lost leads back to your website to increase conversions and sales.

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Even after a lead or prospect has left your website, there are still intelligent ways to bring them home.

Re-marketing technologies allow you to present adverts, elsewhere on the internet, to your previous site visitors to encourage them to come back to your site.

This technique can feel intrusive if implemented incorrectly (as it can have the feeling of being watched) but when the message or benefit is clear, it can yield significant results.

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Why bring them back?

All is not lost. If a user has shown an interest in you in the past, chances are that they may still have an interest in future.

If they left without “converting”, you may wish to encourage them back with reminders of the products they were looking at or with special offers designed to entice them.

Re-marketing can also be used to bolster brand awareness, particularly in markets that are highly saturated. If you have a significant amount of competition, reminding your audience that you are there is essential.

Google Display Network

We implement remarketing using the Google Display Network. The network is a series of websites across the internet who provide advertising space for Google to place branded adverts on behalf of their clients (you).

We can choose which categories of websites you would like your reminder advertising to show on and choose where they land if they select the advertisement. This approach is cheap, has a lower click through rate than traditional pay per click marketing, but when selected, does yield high conversion rates.

On top of this, unlike Google AdWords, your advertisements can be branded bolstering a consistent design and message.

If you would like to learn more about re-marketing techniques and how you may be able to gather more conversions from lost leads, please get in touch.

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