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Peter Garrett

DATE: 3rd August 2021
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AUTHOR: Peter Garrett

So it's been just over a month back in the (new) office and it's never been clearer to me how important it is to be around "my guys and gals".

The most wonderful thing about the relaxing of pandemic lockdown rules, is that I'm now benefitting from working face to face with the amazing team that work with me. This has become increasingly relevant as we've been jumping back in the car or on the train to get out and meet our fantastic friends once more (you, our clients).

We have a few new faces you may not have met yet, as well as the "old guard" who have been helping to prop up our organisation since inception. But, having recently sat in meeting rooms around the South Coast and London with my team and having been in the same space whilst they create amazing things, it's become obvious that I simply . have . THE BEST TEAM!

Working remotely gives the flexibility that we all need; Quiet time to focus, a later start, full control of your workspace, availability for personal commitments and the lost commute. But being back in a room with my friends a few days a week has opened my eyes to what we've all missed over the last 18 months.

Everyday since we've been back in the Barn, these amazing people keep reminding me how important it is to get out of their way, because when they are this good, the subs bench is exactly where I should be!

Energetic, motivated, talented, ready to help and genuinely ALL interested in achieving great things for our clients! Word of caution there is a bit of "team gushing" ahead, but merit where merit is due, my team have taught me a very value lesson.

So without further ado, can I introduce you to the Serenity Digital all stars...


Our Search Marketing Executive Dolly, has been with @serenitydigital a mere three months. Not only is she fantastic at her job, staying on top of all the latest updates from Google et al., but more importantly she is awesome at client liaison. If you're lucky enough to be working with Dolly already, you'll know that she is always available, nothing is too much trouble and she is extremely proficient in translating Geek to English. If you're struggling with your SEO, missing the purpose of your advertising, not targeting the right people in the right places or not fully understanding your return on investment, then please give her a shout - dolly@serenitydigital.com


Niall is a Web Developer with a difference; His background in Electronic Engineering brings a wealth of insightful, practical and logical thinking to any software project. Since joining us, Niall has been building software, sites and applications to perform incredibly challenging outcomes for many of our clients. Niall's expertise covers Databases, Ecommerce, Software, Websites and Raspberry Pi coding for fun too! If you've got a challenging problem in your business which is becoming increasingly difficult to manage (whether by pen and paper, archaic out-of-date systems or via off-the-shelf tools) then I can guarantee that Niall will be able to build a user-friendly system to save you time, money and a lot of stress! If you're after that new app, then send him a note at niall@serenitydigital.com.


Vicky is a Copywriter with amazing credentials. Her work is second to none and she has the highest standards in everything she writes. Vicky is an expert in teasing details out of you which you never knew you knew?... interviewing your staff to get the insights from the coal face, liaising with journalists and PR professionals to increase your exposure, researching insightful and quirky content from the deepest depths of the internet or simply making you laugh with her friendly, funny and can-do attitude. Note: She also happens to be pretty amazing at Baking too! Don't know how to turn your "stale, stuffy or boring" offering into something exciting and imaginative? Vicky's your gal - give her a shout at vicky@serenitydigital.com


James, or Gunnsy for short, has been thriving at Serenity Digital almost since we were "born". Chances are that if you have a website or application built by us, James will have been involved. Each and every year, he has been improving our offering, whether increasing the platforms with which we can help our clients, managing our servers, building intelligent software or by making efficiencies in our working practices. His attention to detail and logical thinking are second to no one and he is most often, always right! If you need support with a complex or bespoke software or ecommerce project, then James will be able to give you thought through and considered advice, based on his years of experience. Email james@serenitydigital.com to learn more.


In my opinion, no journey is complete without a Compadre, Brother, Wing man or best mate. A business partner needs to be just that - a partner. Someone you respect, who you'd trust with your life, who can lift you out of a hole and another team mate who is far more talented than you are - that way they can cover for you when you fail! Stu is that person. Like me, he is doing his best; His best to run to the bench as quickly as possible. Much like me, he recognises the individual talents and expertise of everyone above. Like me, his role is to provide a perfect place for our team to succeed, nurture our talent, reward them with amazing perks and remuneration and find lucky prospects who will benefit from the skills, experience and friendliness of each and every one of our team.

If you'd like to learn more about my wonderful colleagues or indeed find out why it's great to work for us, have a look at our site for more information.

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