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All organisations who have contact with customers and clients have a need for email.

For many, email is the preferred method of communication due to its immediacy and its provision of clear documented conversation history.

Email hosting describes the provision of the facilities and protocols which allow our clients to provide their staff with email accounts that they can use for communicating with each other, their suppliers and their customers.

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Someone to rely on

For many organisations, internal IT skills can be rare and expensive to acquire. By using an external supplier, you simply pay for what you need and no more.

Hosted email facilities can be configured around your needs and should grow or shrink as your needs change.

Having someone on hand to offer advice when things go unexpectedly wrong is the core benefit of employing a supplier to host your email for you. By utilising professional email hosting, you can be assured that email servers will have a high uptime, high deliverability and strong spam checking facilities (as well as vast amounts of space to store your email content).

Providing G Suite as standard

Our hosting provider of choice is Google. As expected, we host our own email facilities on G Suite and our experience of using it is why we are such strong advocates of this service.

We take the stress out of the configuration and maintenance of our client’s email hosting, by simply providing them with their new account login details and support to hook it up to their favourite devices. As part of our service, we take care of transferring email data between systems should clients have significant amounts of email data stored in their inbox.

G Suite offers a range of pricing options for simple, business and enterprise use. For many clients the simple option is suitable and provides access to their email, shared organisation calendars, use of Google docs, significant organisation shared cloud storage through Google Drive and use of conference calling and chat facilities.

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If you’re looking for a professional supplier to provide you with new email accounts or if you’re unhappy with your current facilities and have existing email you’d like to transfer away, please get in touch to learn more.

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