Scratch72 Case Study

A well-designed, attractive and simple to navigate website led to a huge increase in turnover in the seven months since launch.

Client background:


Scratch72 is an online golf clothing and accessories shop that sells a range of golf equipment as well as mens clothing and footwear. They offer a wide variety of items including base layers, trousers, polo shirts, shorts, outerwear, waterproofs and hats. The equipment on offer ranges from golf bags, balls and trolleys to gloves, towels and rangefinders. Scratch72 is part of Furzeley Golf Course in Denmead, an 18-hole golf course that was established in 1990.

The requirement

Scratch72 had historically sold their products through eBay - and still do - but they decided that they wanted to also have their own website to sell through as well. They had a WordPress site built in early 2019, but unfortunately that did not work well with the inventory management software they used - StoreFeeder - which was essential to the successful running of their business. Work was being duplicated to manage product content and images across eBay and the website, and stock levels weren’t being accurately updated. StoreFeeder centrally manages product listings so that they can be sold across multiple channels online, updating stock levels as needed and streamlining the fulfillment process.

Scratch72 now needed a bespoke website that would work well with StoreFeeder to allow products to be efficiently managed from a centralised platform and ensuring accurate stock levels are maintained.. Scratch72 got in touch with Serenity and we immediately took over the hosting of their WordPress website whilst putting together a proposal for how we could help.

The solution

Scratch72 needed the website to be rebuilt to ensure that it worked fully with StoreFeeder. Serenity kicked off the project with a demo of our bespoke CMS - Serenity Source - which can be tailored to meet the needs of clients, whatever they may be. Serenity demonstrated that if the website was rebuilt in Source, StoreFeeder could be successfully integrated, rectifying the stock control issues and allowing product content to be efficiently managed from a central location.

The design and functionality of the existing website also needed some work so Serenity’s designer gave it a refresh and injected a lot more white space to make it more attractive and easier to navigate for the user, particularly on mobile devices. Improvements to the product search and filtering was also a key requirement.

The challenge

Part way through the build, a problem was discovered. At the point where Serenity was linking Source with StoreFeeder, it became apparent that the data made available for the website integration didn’t include metadata associated with the images to say which colour product they represented. After identifying the problem, Serenity’s developers were able to create a new module within Source to allow the images to be easily linked to the correct colour variants of each product.

“Serenity Digital have built us a new custom retail website for our golf clothing and accessory shop. The website is lightning fast and displays all of our products beautifully and does everything that we asked and more. The website integrates seamlessly with our existing online stock and order processing system. The team were professional and helpful from our first meeting to when they signed the website over and managed to do everything that we asked of them, even when we asked to make changes to our menus towards the very end of the build. We look forward to working with them on future projects to further market and guide traffic on to our site.” 

Stuart Brown, Scratch72

The outcome:

Scratch72 was extremely pleased with all aspects of the service they received from Serenity, as well as the finished website. Highlights include:

  • Website is well-designed, attractive and simple to navigate.
  • Powerful integration with StoreFeeder saving Scratch72 hours loading products manually into the website.
  • Easy to use site administration and increased creative control.
  • The website is optimised for mobile making it easy for customers to find and make purchases.
  • Website is extremely responsive and quick to load on desktop and mobiles.
  • Increased turnover of 335% in the seven months since launch compared to the equivalent period last year.
  • Optimised for SEO - organic traffic has increased by an average of 168% since launch compared to the same period in the previous year.
  • Scratch72 has a marketing partner they can trust and rely on as they know one of Serenity’s key aims is to provide Scratch72 with a return on any investment made.
  • They have a website they’re confidently able to drive traffic to using social media, search and social advertising.

“Stuart and the rest of the team were great; it was so good to work with a client who was completely engaged with what we were doing, knew what they wanted and were happy to take our advice. They provided detailed feedback which enabled us to fulfil their requirements quicker. It was a bigger project than we’d initially thought due to the challenges that came up, but we were able to find suitable solutions to the problems and get the project delivered within a timescale the client was happy with. They were keen to make sure the website was 100% right and we’re pleased that we were able to achieve this for them.”

James Gunn, Serenity Web Developer