How to Find Out More About Your Email Subscribers

Peter Garrett

DATE: 15th November 2022
CATEGORY: acquisition
TAGS: email hosting, email marketing
AUTHOR: Peter Garrett

How many of us start our working days by checking through emails? According to Statista, global email users are set to grow to 4.48 billion by 2024, with the email marketing revenue to cross the 10-billion-dollar threshold by 2023. It pays to be on top of your email marketing game in order to gain subscribers, learn about your customers and increase engagement to your business.

In this post, we will review the top five strategies you can use to get to know your email subscribers in greater detail.

5 Ways to Learn About Your Email Subscribers

  1. Segmentation

  2. Use analytics

  3. Experiment with new strategies

  4. Increase your subscribers

  5. Survey and polls

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1. Segmentation

Segmenting email marketing recipient lists will allow you to send more direct and personalised emails to your readers; rather than wasting time and resources on sending mass emails. It means you can focus your marketing strategy and advertising on segments of people who are more likely to make a particular purchase or visit your business; making it an affordable and efficient way to reach potential customers and learn about your audiences. 

Segmentation can be split into four key categories;  Demographic, Behavioural, Geographic and Psychographic. Find out more information about the importance of segmentation in our blog “How to Identify Your Market Segments”.

2. Use analytics

The best way to learn about your audience is to dive into your analytics reports. Find out what emails perform the best, what day and time are your open rates the highest and what topics are your readers most interested in?

Continually monitoring your metrics will help you identify what your audience is interested in and when they best engage, allowing you to alter your marketing strategy to fit this newfound data.

3. Experiment with new strategies

When recipients receive the same email template month after month, they will inevitably begin to lose interest and disengage with all of its content. It pays to get creative with your email campaigns, try new templates, mix up your subject lines and use a variety of content ideas, perhaps even video.

With email marketing on the rise, it’s important to continually optimise your strategies and maintain the interest of your subscribers at all possibilities. Subscribers should look forward to receiving and reading your emails.

4. Increase your subscribers

Once you understand the behaviours and interests of your subscribers, it's time to increase your recipient list. A great way to increase your database is by providing an opt-in offer to your customers - who doesn’t love a discount?

Some examples of possible opt-in offers include:

  • A competition/giveaway

  • Discount code

  • Insightful (gated) content (otherwise unavailable to the public)

  • Free downloads

  • Trial offers

After the opt-in emails have been sent, you can analyse the responses and see how best your recipients have reacted to the offers. Are they looking for promotions across a wide range of products or do they love a freebie?

5. Survey & Polls

A perfect way to find out more about your audience is to directly ask them; this can be done with a poll or a survey. Survey Monkey stated that response rates were highest for survey invitations sent out on a Monday, and (unsurprisingly) lowest for invitations sent on a Friday. It’s also worthwhile sending out these types of emails to new email sign-ups, perhaps as a welcome email; here they are most motivated to interact, as they are expecting to hear from your business.

Polls and surveys don’t have to be lengthy; making them short and snappy means you are more likely to get quicker responses and more data from your recipients. 

At Serenity Digital our clients benefit from the use of our email marketing software and our expertise in creating engaging and on-brand email marketing campaigns which can be delivered to multiple audiences across a range of devices. 

If you have a failing email marketing strategy you wish to improve and would like to learn more about your email subscribers please get in touch with our team of experts today.

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