Bespoke photography

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Utilise high quality and mixed medium format bespoke photography to demonstrate credibility and show what makes you different.

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Bespoke photographs are those taken by a photographer who has been employed to capture visuals to meet a brief.

Where short-term budgetary constraints are not an issue, they are almost always preferable to generic or stock photography.

Whilst stock photography is often employed due to budgetary constraints, it means that many brands end up falling within a small number of categories. For example, we’ve all seen B2B communications organisations use happy, smiling salespeople on hands-free headsets to illustrate success and images of hands held together in a ring to demonstrate teamwork.

Whilst these are both appropriate to meet the message, it can be incredibly embarrassing if you find you are using the same (or even very similar) photography to that of a competitor or less than savoury organisation you do not wish to be associated with.

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Setting you apart

For many organisations, it becomes difficult to demonstrate how you are different and what your unique selling proposition is. Bespoke photography can help you achieve this aim.

Sitting down with a photographer and briefing them on the exact requirements for the brand will ensure you end up with a brand library of photos which demonstrate exactly what you are about. These photos can be produced at a range of sizes, orientations and with different post production finishes so that they can be used consistently across printed sales collateral, on your websites, for use on social media posts and in email marketing.

And most importantly, they will provide you with a single resource you can visit for the foreseeable future to find exactly what you need, rather than sifting through stock libraries and having to make compromises.

Investing a little more

A significant amount of time is normally invested by design agencies wading through the dense mud of generic stock photography with the aim of finding a few pearls for their clients. And obviously with that time, comes cost.

When considering photography, it does not need to be a question of budget, but more a question of return on investment. If you considered investing a little more and have a library of photos produced which explicitly meet the needs of your brand and future marketing, it will ensure that the production of future marketing becomes that much easier, saving a significant amount of time and therefore money.

We’ve provided many of our clients with bespoke photography libraries, which can be used without constraint across all their marketing mediums. If this long-term investment appeals to you, please get in touch.

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