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Innovative, engaging and inspiring brand strategy, designed to attract your audience at a psychological and emotional level.

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Brand strategy involves the initial work required in designing and documenting your brand and visual identity.

Your brand is the perception that your customers, clients, prospects, staff and suppliers have of you. So having a clearly documented brand that is consistently communicated to all stakeholders is incredibly important.

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The importance of brand strategy

It is crucial that time and thought are given in appropriate measure to consider how you wish to be perceived in your marketplace.

Any professional brand designer understands the importance of getting under the bonnet of an organisation prior to visualising their identity. There will always be many approaches to communicating effectively with your audience.

Do you wish to make a loud noise, appear to be quiet and reliable or humorous and personable?

The personality of your organisation and the perception of your brand need to align, and it's our job to help you clearly define this, before putting pen to paper or brush to easel. 

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To begin the process, we’ll meet to gather the information we need to perform our initial research.

By reviewing your marketplace, gathering your feedback and learning more about what makes you unique, we’ll then design a series of workshops with your key staff to steer you through the depths of branding. The workshops will be a great way of ensuring that a range of ideas are considered, agreed and documented prior to the design process. In a workshop we will consider a range of topics, including:

  • Mission & values
  • What makes you unique
  • Your competitors
  • Tone of voice & personality
  • Audience demographics
  • Colour, shape & typography
  • How your logo can be used
  • Constraints for mixed mediums

Army Navy Match branding

We’re sure you’ll be pleased with advice and guidance we’ll provide you with, so next we’ll begin designing your new visual identity. You can learn more about our brand design service in our creative section, but please feel free to contact us to organise a chat over coffee should you be keen to get the ball rolling.

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