Sillence Hurn: website launch success

Vicky Glazier

DATE: 1st September 2020
CATEGORY: company news
TAGS: brand design, copywriting, marketing strategy, website design, web development
AUTHOR: Vicky Glazier

Serenity Digital successfully completed a lockdown launch for client Sillence Hurn, whose website was completed and launched in April. The Serenity team worked together to design, develop and write the content for the site, and the result is an attractive, accessible and concise website that is well-targeted for the audience.

Since launch, the website has experienced an uplift in access by more than 500%, with more than 1,500 sessions per month compared with approximately 150 per month on their previous website. On average, page views have increased by between 10% and 20% per visit. The best performance indicator on the website since launch has been the significant drop in the website bounce rate for individuals visiting from organic search results, which demonstrates that the website content is more accurately aligning with the content showing in search engine results.

Sillence Hurn is a private building consultancy firm based in Southampton who work with clients in the southern region, London area and beyond. They operate differently from traditional surveying firms, working with their clients to operate as an in-house property expert partner.

Their experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in advising developers, landlords, private investors, lenders and homeowners on the entire property life cycle. From acquisition and development to design, dispute or disposal, their range of services ensure that clients obtain the best value from their property portfolio.

Serenity secured this project prior to the coronavirus pandemic, but when lockdown hit, they worked hard to get the site live as quickly as possible to give Sillence Hurn an optimised website that would help drive business their way during this challenging time.

Once commissioned, Serenity designed a content site tree for the website that would clearly define all of Sillence Hurn’s main services and sectors that they work with. Through a comprehensive categorisation and tagging system, Sillence Hurn’s ongoing blogs, news and case studies are automatically matched with service and sector pages based on these categories, reducing the amount of administration time required to generate related content.

In order to remove the burden from Sillence Hurn, Serenity Digital drafted all the content for the site using industry research, interviews with staff and a lot of additional reading. Serenity made adjustments to the overall company branding to make it more suitable for the long term and designed a clear and modern website layout which aligned with the branding.

To ensure that Sillence Hurn receive the return on their investment, the website also benefits from a custom form builder, allowing Serenity Digital and Sillence Hurn to configure a range of lead generation forms which have been installed on almost every page of the website. This level of customisation means that a potential customer of theirs can easily engage with the company, no matter where they land on the site or what page they are viewing.

The website itself was developed in Serenity Source, Serenity’s bespoke content management system, which meant that the site could be tailored to work exactly as the client needed it to. Training on how to use the system was provided to Sillence Hurn prior to launch to ensure they understood how to use the system with confidence, to enable them to make changes and add content themselves.

Serenity Designer and Director Peter Garrett said:

“It was a pleasure to work with Alex, Lauren and David of Sillence Hurn. We developed a strong rapport with their team and worked collaboratively through the challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown to launch a fantastic website and sign off on a very successful project. We’re particularly pleased to hear of the growth in the company already as a result of new leads coming through the website.”

Sillence Hurn’s Business Administrator, Lauren Marshall said:

“We commissioned Serenity to develop and build our new website, including the copywriting. Being a new company, the website is vital in expressing our brand. We are thrilled with the results! The whole team is hugely knowledgeable and always available to help. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them!”

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