Cyber security

Defend yourself against attack
Face cyber security challenges head on to protect yourself from embarrassment and significant financial loss.

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In the 21st century it’s almost inevitable that at one time or another, you will have a digital product or facility that will need protection from unauthorised access.

Therefore, it is crucial that you utilise cyber security experts to employ technologies, protocols and controls that are intended to defend your data from hacking attempts.

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Avoiding embarrassment

It’s imperative that to avoid damage to your reputation or considerable financial loss/expenditure, you plan for the worst.

Depending on the nature of your organisation, you could stand to lose assets, face regulatory fines, damage your brand and be required to outlay additional finances to rectify the problem.

Most organisations believe that they are unlikely to be the target of an attack, but the question is not if you will be, but when.

Robust and secure infrastructure

When it comes to data protection, nothing is more important than cyber security so we take it very seriously.

During a period of significant consultation, we will first discover and document any future threats and existing or potential holes in your current system architecture. And following the successful implementation of new policies, procedures and best practice we will provide a clear service level agreement for your ongoing protection.

Our team has a range of skills covering the following areas of specialism:

  • Existing and upcoming legislation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Server security best practice and secure sockets layers (delivering sites over HTTPS)
  • System architecture and management policies
  • Education and consultation – such as passwords, mobile best practice, safe computing and online scamming
  • Malicious software prevention
  • Ensuring privacy for your organisation, staff and customers
  • Circumventing data breaches

Server room

If data, privacy, cyber security or adhering to UK legislation are areas you are concerned about and wish to take a little more seriously, then please get in touch to begin a conversation with our experts.

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