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Pay per click (PPC) marketing allows organisations to pay to allow their content to show in premium locations.

The unique selling proposition of PPC is that the owner of the advert only has to pay for the display of the advert when a user clicks on it.

On social networks, PPC marketing show as customisable adverts with both graphical and textual content, showing in a variety of locations (which affect the price). Whereas search engines, tend to follow the branding of the search engine only, but generally display in premium locations ahead of organic search results.

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What our clients thought...

We've been working with Serenity for just over a year and can't recommend them highly enough. They have been keen to learn about our industry and company which has enabled them to support us in all aspects of digital marketing and design. We've had some big projects on the books with them this year with multiple website builds, graphic design work, and big plans for our 60th anniversary next year. They have worked hard, efficiently, and with creativity to exceed expectations across all services, and we're looking forward to what we can achieve together in the coming year.

Nicola Wallace


We love working with Serenity! They have managed our website for 6 years, during which time we have found them to be very knowledgeable, responsive to queries and above all an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Serenity for managing your online presence

Stephanie Davison


Serenity Digital was tasked to redesign the SeSys website, ensuring it was adaptive and easy to manage going forward. Working with Pete and Stuart has been a pleasure and their knowledge and professionalism appreciated. The Serenity Source CMS is intuitive and provides the flexibility we were looking for. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with team.

Neil Farley


Serenity Digital offered a superb service in the design and launch of our new branding and development of our new website. The team were highly professional, responsive and agile to adapting and working with us to tailor a solution that was perfect for our needs. It is great to have the support of a team who listen, challenge and take you on a positive journey leading to excellent results!

Dawn Halfacre


Increased relevant traffic

On social networks, the PPC approach allows marketers to place their content in front of users based on their demographics and interests, ensuring that you know who will see your advert.

Whereas search engines place your adverts based on a search query undertaken by the user, therefore establishing a current need.

Both approaches have benefits, but the shared benefit of PPC marketing is in the additional traffic it can afford the owner. When specifying who, where or for which keywords you wish your advert to show, the host social network or search engine can provide accurate statistics on likely impressions (when the advert will show).

If advert content matches the interests of the user (on social networks) or matches the search query (on search engines) and is written in an appealing format, additional traffic to your website is almost a guarantee.

Maintenance and refinement

Our role in marketing your organisation via PPC is to configure, maintain, measure and refine your campaigns for you.

We consult on the geographical locations, best times to show and who or what keywords you wish to aim your content at.

We work with you to produce engaging content which either appeals to the demographic interests (on social networks) or appeals to the user based on the search they have entered (on search engines).

Ongoing maintenance is conducted to make sure your adverts continue to show for the correct searches or people. This ensures your budget is spent wisely, introducing new campaigns and content to optimise the click through rate and ensure that when the user lands on your website, the page they land is optimised to show the user what they were looking to find.

Vernier Callipers

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