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Much like user experience design, website design is made up of a variety of different disciplines and an expert awareness of all is required to make a website achieve its goals.

Website design is more than just the look of a website – it also considers how it will work best, how it will be found and on what platforms/devices it will be used on.

To ensure your site looks its best there must be strength in graphic design, branding and human computer interface design. In order to ensure it is easy to use, a knowledge of web accessibility, usability and user experience design is a must. And, to ensure it can be found, understanding social media integration, search engine optimisation and browser optimisation as well as competency in a range of web development programming is crucial also. The design of any site comprises not just the look, but its simplicity of use, how it reads, how fast it runs, whether it is secure and whether it engages across a variety of platforms.

It's the 21st century shop window

For most organisations, their website is the single most important piece of marketing collateral.

A good website can establish credibility, demonstrate your brand principles and your vision, communicate your message and your services through personalised or segmented means, it can allow product purchases, register interest, qualify or capture leads, demonstrate thought leadership, generate conversation or provide two-way communications and so much more...

For too many organisations, opting for a cheap, off-the-shelf website template is the common result when choosing a website design supplier. Normally, a lack of investment in your website yields poor results, not just in its’ representation of your brand, but also in the lack of visibility across search engines and social networks.

We understand your challenge

Finding the time to implement a well thought out piece of communication is difficult at the best of times, but your website will bring together so much more.

We’ll work with you to document the key challenges your website will be designed to solve, we’ll discover the best ways of presenting to you to your core audience helping them find their way to core messages, products and services and we’ll put in place methods to monitor performance, so we know what does and doesn’t work.

Serenity Digital bring expertise in brand design, graphic design, user experience design, human computer interaction design, accessibility, usability, cyber security, programming, database design, content management, social networking integration, search engine optimisation, browser optimisation and more.

If you’d like to meet with our experts to discuss your existing website and its future improvements or to discuss a new project, please get in touch.

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