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Web analytics software provides tracking facilities and reports on the use of your website or online application.

There are many different products available with a variation of similar features designed to show you information about the users' chosen device/technology, what they are doing on your website and how they arrived.

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Invaluable information to learn from

At the core of analytics software are the reports that are generated. From these reports we can learn a huge amount about what information and functionality works and how to improve what doesn’t.

It is imperative that any website owner or administrator set up and configure web analytics software to learn about their site’s usage. Understanding more about your users will enable to you to focus your efforts on updates that are most important to them. Setting up and tracking goals within the software will allow you to measure return on investment of other marketing activities and leads turn into conversions.

Google Analytics is the web analytics software we integrate into our client websites and it provides information over 5 key areas.

See live tracking on the website showing how it is currently being accessed.

Learn more about the technology used, the geographical location and some demographical details of the users who access your website.

Provides data on where the user came from, breaking down by search, social, direct and referring sources.

Learn more about what users do when they land on your website as well as ways to optimise and improve the website.

Set up and track goals/conversions to see how many leads convert. This is particularly useful in demonstrating return on investment from your other marketing efforts.

Providing accurate data to clients

We provide all our clients with an integrated Google Analytics solution allowing us to provide them with access to their website statistics on a weekly/monthly/annual basis.

Many of our prospects hire us based on the optimisation reports we generate. Utilising their existing Google Analytics reports as well as a number of other tools, allows us to learn more about their site and how to improve it.

Our clients who are engaged in ongoing refinement and improvement employ us on a monthly retainer to monitor and improve their websites. As part of this service they receive bespoke monthly reports and bespoke application dashboards detailing the key performance indicators they wish to see. We set up and manage goals and report back on conversion statistics.

If you have no idea how your website is being used, or are interested in optimising your site using Google Analytics as your guide, please get in touch for support.

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