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In collaboration with web design, which primarily focuses on how a user absorbs content and design or interacts with a website, web development focuses on the activity which occurs in building the architecture behind the design of the system.

It can be as simple as coding a single, static HTML page, to generating large content-managed websites or developing HTML email campaigns to complex data driven software and applications. The process will include the specification of how a system or website will be built, writing the code which will power it, creating systems it may communicate with, testing that all functions work accordingly prior to launch and maintaining code to improve the system where technologies or user behaviour change.

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Accessible and available to all

When specifying the requirements for your communications campaign, you may consider how you wish your audience to consume your message.

A huge advantage of delivering communications via the internet is the ability you can provide your users with to access the content and features at any time and from any location with an internet connection.

Whereby you have agreed consent, it is also incredibly easy to keep your users abreast of changes and updates via automated emails notifying them of the new content. Through the use of a content management system, you can manage your website, application or email marketing with little to no prior knowledge. And, via simple and intuitive tools, you can manage products and orders for a shop, enabling significant sales online.

Advantages such as easy amendment, automation, links to other platforms and reduction in “costs of sale” make web development an incredibly important skill, which when employed in any communications campaign, can significantly increase engagement and uptake.

Expertise and awareness of change

Web development has been the bread and butter of our organisation since inception.

An understanding of the internet, it’s protocols and best practice is a core requirement for all our members of staff.

One of our strongest unique selling propositions is our ability to take complex messages, express them in engaging forms through interesting design, whilst also understanding how systems are created from the roots up. Our team builds our own software, databases and applications (such as our Content Management System, Serenity Source) and understands the best ways to optimise your systems for speed, security and search engines.

All web projects begin with a phase of design and specification which document in detail how your final product will look and work upon completion. Upon approval to proceed, we implement best practice build techniques to ensure your system is responsive (works for core devices and internet browsers), secure, fast and interactive. 

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Prior to launch our sites and applications go through a series of tests to ensure they meet the specification documented. After launch we monitor how your users interact with your systems, so we can suggest improvements to increase engagement, sales or uptake.

If you have a new or existing website project or application you wish to discuss, please get in contact to meet with our web development experts.

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