Round 2 of Returning to the Office

Peter Garrett

DATE: 17th January 2022
CATEGORY: company news
AUTHOR: Peter Garrett

From Monday 24th January 2022, the team at Serenity Digital will be returning to the office due to guidance that urged Britons to "work from home" being scrapped. 

Along with a huge proportion of the UK work force, the Serenity Digital office closed on Friday 10th December 2021 and working from home resumed. Our team had to re-adjust to effective full-time remote working once more, ensuring that client meetings were moved online, whilst still trying to continue the festive office fun!

Although we’ve spent the last few weeks working remotely we definitely haven’t allowed this to dampen our spirits or halt our achievements. Over the past 5 weeks we have:

  • Maintained our weekly team catch-ups to safeguard project productivity and collaboration.

  • Won additional advertising work for one of our retail clients.

  • Our Airline client took receipt of their second aircraft which landed at Stansted in early January.

  • Built and populated several new websites/web pages.

  • One of our team members took part in a PRINCE2 Project Management Training Course in London and passed with flying colours!

  • Seen continued positive usage of an online virtual running platform which has had over 2,000 sign ups in the past 80 days.. These sign ups have equated to the client planting over 5000  trees for the Eden Projects.

  • Continued the weekly social media management and copywriting services for our clients with creativity, quality and consistency.

  • Created brand guidelines for a new client.

  • Signed a new contract with a client to provide them with more reliable web development services.

  • And even hosted a “Serenity Big Fat Quiz of the Year” organised by our Director Pete.

Starting from Monday, the team will be back in the office, however won’t be returning full-time. The three office days a week will continue, supporting our company ideals of maintaining a healthy and flexible work life balance.

Our Director Stuart Mullen said, “After a few weeks of working from home, I'm excited to get back to the office now it is deemed safe to do so. I personally find I am equally productive working from home but do miss the daily interactions with the team, discussing new and ongoing projects together, and of course the banter we share when in the office!

My dog Darcey is also looking forward to getting back to seeing the team, I think she's a bit bored of us at home, not to mention the walks in the forest at lunchtime!”

Our Director Pete Garrett added: “Hopefully I share the same sentiments with the rest of the team when I say I'm looking forward to working side by side with each other once again. I've missed my friends immensely and can't wait to collaborate more closely on projects, catch up properly around the kettle and just make each other laugh again.”


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