5 Benefits Of Facebook Advertising For Your Business

Peter Garrett

DATE: 21st April 2022
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TAGS: marketing strategy, pay per click marketing, social marketing
AUTHOR: Peter Garrett

Exploring the benefits of advertising your business on Facebook

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads is a form of paid digital advertising. Essentially, it enables businesses to pay Facebook to display their product or service within Facebook and Instagram and in front of users that are most likely to purchase from you.

The concept is similar to other forms of paid advertising, such as Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads. However, with Facebook Ads, you are placing an ad in front of users that are not looking for your product or service at that moment in time.

How do they work?

Simply put, when you advertise with Facebook, you are paying to ‘rent’ ad space within the platform to show users your products and services. If your ads are successful, a number of those users will click on your ad and visit your website or app. From there, it is the job of your landing page and website to encourage users to take your desired action. 

What are the benefits of Facebook Ads?

When leveraged correctly, Facebook advertising can be an extremely effective tool in helping your business to increase customers, sales and enquiries. Here are 5 key benefits of using Facebook Ads:

1. Not limited to user intent

With other platforms, such as Search Ads or Shopping Ads, there is a reliance on user intent in order to advertise your business. This means that potential scope is limited to users that are actually searching for your products or services which can often be pretty low.

With Facebook Ads, this is not the case. On average, there are 1.91 billion users logging into Facebook daily. By creating Facebook ad campaigns, you are unlocking access to 1.91 billion users that you potentially would not otherwise reach.

2. Advanced targeting capabilities

Although it might be possible to reach 1.91 billion users, you definitely wouldn’t want to. The best digital advertising campaigns are usually successful as a result of the correct targeting and the correct messaging for your target audience. Facebook Ads provides a plethora of advanced targeting options which enable you to refine your audience and spend your money only on users that are most likely to respond to your ads.

This includes criteria such as:

  • Demographic targeting

  • Users that have interacted with your business page

  • Users in certain locations

  • Previous website visitors

3. Target and nurture customers throughout their buying journey

Search and shopping ads allow you to reach customers when they are considering or buying a product or service. With Facebook Ads, businesses can strategically nurture potential customers from the awareness stage right up to purchase and post-purchase. This can be achieved through segmenting users according to which stage they are at and showing the correct messaging. 

For example, an ecommerce business could implement the following:

Stage of buying journey

Example ad


Offer a free guide


Provide audience with a welcome discount code


Reminders to finish checkout

4. Bring users back through remarketing

Remarketing occurs when you create audiences based off of users that have had previous engagement with your business and targeting those users with ads. The benefit of remarketing is that these users are already ‘warmer’ than those that have never heard of your business. As such, it is easier and more cost effective to convert this type of user.

5. Visual advertising

Unlike other forms of digital advertising, Facebook Ads is a highly visual platform. As such, you can showcase your brand and products or services through the use of image ads, video ads and product ads. You can be as creative as you like, as long as it is within Facebook’s advertising policies. The benefit of this is that even if users don’t engage with your ads, this can still help with raising brand awareness.

Have any of these benefits piqued your interest?

We can plan and implement a funnel-based approach to Facebook Advertising which enables your business to reach the right customers at the right time and with the right messaging. Get in touch to learn how we can help your business to grow through the use of Facebook Ads.

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