User experience design

Create meaningful and relevant experiences
Turn your audience into brand advocates through considered, frequent and compelling communications.

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For most organisations, delivering a positive experience to the target audience is high up on their list of priorities.

User experience design has a wide remit and seeks to enhance the satisfaction of the people who encounter your brand. Access may be through your products, service or staff and it takes many forms such as:

How a product works
The quality of the service
The frequency and quality of communication
How accessible or usable you and your products are
How easy it is to purchase, review and comment
If your staff are helpful

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Why spend time worrying about “experience”?

No matter what you call yours, happy recipients, clients, customers, donors or users become advocates of your brand.

They tell their friends, family, peers and contacts all about you and why it was great to come into contact with your organisation. Most of us are aware that it is far easier to continue doing business with existing customers than it is to find new ones. And, if your happy customers are recommending you to new prospects, that’s far simpler (and more cost-effective) than targeting new ones yourself.

Your aim might be to increase sales, expand awareness, capture new leads or improve existing relationships. Taking the time to truly understand what motivates your audience, how best to converse with them and implementing engaging and useful communications will provide a significant return on investment.

Start from the beginning

Considering the full journey your audience will take, from initial contact all the way through to your preferred user destination, will allow us to advise you on the best methods to improve your communication with them along that path.

At a consultative level, we’re not interested in the minutia of individual projects, we’re motivated by increasing your user satisfaction, helping you build a positive experience and improving brand perception as a result.

Once we’re in agreement with a chosen plan of action, we execute creative design communications that are committed to achieving these goals. We dive into the detail, employing clever tactics to generate curiosity and implement your message across a range of mediums best suited to attract your target audience. If you’d like to learn more about how Serenity Digital can help you attract a wider audience or improve your user experience, please get in touch.

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