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Extending your team
Save costs, increase available expertise and generate higher return on investment by partnering with us.

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We know from our own experience, that working in collaboration with suppliers is good for our business.

As a result, we have built mutually agreeable relationships with all our suppliers to ensure we get the best service possible from them.

Why partner?

There are many reasons why partnering with your suppliers yields better results. You may want advice and consultation with an unbiased third party who falls outside of your own day to day pressures or internal politics.

You may need an agreed contractual service level agreement which is difficult to put in place with your own staff as they get pulled from project to project. You might not be able to afford or demonstrate the return on investment from individuals hired to perform our role. And, it’s unlikely that you’ll find all the skills you need from even one or two members of staff.

The supplier you partner with should suit the way you work and fall within the practices you implement within your business. A partner should be flexible to your needs, be open, unbiased and honest, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision and then implement your chosen path to achieve the agreed targets.

Why partner with us?

When Serenity Digital was founded in 2012, we built our service offering around the concept of high quality consultation, regular communications, timely response and staff with personality.

This approach has always been in place to ensure that it was clear to prospects and existing clients that wished to work for them in the long term. Since inception we have retained over 95% of our clients through the demonstration of this commitment and on numerous occasions we have avoided tendering for work where a prospect is not looking for these qualities in their chosen supplier.

If you’re looking for a friendly communications supplier to partner with, we could be the breath of fresh air you're looking for. To start the ball rolling, please give us a call or get in touch.

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