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We’re all different, do your research, pick what you like and enjoy it!

We’re all different

Date: 01/03/2013
Author: Peter Garrett

I read a review this morning of the iPad Mini in the Independant.

This review was written back in October 2012, so although completely out of date, was being promoted on Facebook as a "trending article". One can’t but help thinking that there is a core group of paid bloggers or Apple fans which are promoting this article, but that’s enough cynicism for now…

The reason I noticed this article, was not for the insightful commentary or comparison between similar devices, but for the comments which are found below the article.

Immediately after the review there is an onslaught of comments by readers who feel the article is somewhat biased (mainly through the writer’s supposed lack of quality research and testing), which is then quickly followed by comments complaining that if you like Apple you’re doing something wrong.

What has this world come to where we can’t appreciate how different we all are. We all appreciate different qualities in each other, the things we need and the items we crave after.

My question is: Who has the time to argue, not with friends, colleagues or at least acquantances, over such a trivial matter as which device is best?

We’re all different, do your research, pick the one you like and enjoy it!

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