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Search Engine Optimisation and Social

Key to the success of any online piece of marketing is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Integration. As part of any project we work on with new and existing clients, we ensure that we provide training, in a jargon free manner so you can understand the importance in investment of time, resource and/or money to ensure your site is found and/or integrated with popular media.

Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation is a key concept which should be understood by anyone wishing to create a successful online presence. It describes the techniques and methods employed by content editors and developers, to ensure that a website, blog or application can be found by users looking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Any website becomes worthless if it is not visited by your audience. Not only will we help you hone or discover who your audience actually are, but we'll help you understand how we can craft a site visually and functionally so that it will be found by your users on search engines.

We'll look after the coding to ensure that your site is semantically written, accessible and usable, whilst supporting you in drafting content which is perfect for your users and keywords/descriptions which your site will be searched on.

Social Networking

FACT: Social networking is important in the success of every business, organisation, community project and charity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more are not a fad; they are tools that many would be lost without and appreciating this will enable you to discover a huge resource of untapped clients, friends and networks.

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With the capability of delivering live news, networking to hundreds of thousands of groups of people and personalising experiences to audiences around the globe, you might ask "Why would you not wish to integrate with Social Networks?"

We have built many bespoke web applications that integrate directly with data stored by social networking sites. This information allows you to offer greater interaction with your users, provide a more personalised experience, and gain access to profile information that you might not currently have access to.

Many of our existing sites integrate directly with your social profiles whilst offering your users the opportunity to simply share your content on their favourite networks for their friends, family, colleagues and peers to see, offering up your content to an audience which would otherwise be untapped.