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Content Management

What is a Content Management System?

In its simplest form a Content Management System (CMS) is an application that allows administrators to create and maintain content on their website. Content can be textual, multimedia such as photos and videos, or document attachments in Word, Excel and PDF formats.

There are a multitude of different CMS systems available, but our bespoke CMS, Serenity Source provides you with a wealth of benefits.

CMS Benefits

Your website content & functionality stored in the cloud

  • Using a content management system requires almost no technical knowledge, so no need to learn HTML or CSS
  • Promotes collaboration, working as a team and sharing responsibility
  • Allows distribution of authoring duties to different people or departments
  • No reliance on web designers or developers to make changes to web content, and frees them up to focus their skills and efforts elsewhere
  • Changes can easily be made quickly, and even pushed to live
  • Maintains brand unity and consistency by providing flexible boundaries for layout and styling
  • Web based management so does not require installation of specific software

Our content managed sites

Help is on its way!

Dixon Balston Design

We speak to so many business people and entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult or expensive to update their website. Due to the incredible power which comes with the use of a Content Management System, you shouldn't be experiencing any of the following problems; if you are, please get in touch.

  • Are you paying to make updates to your website?
  • Do you have to wait to make changes to your website?
  • Can only one person change the content?
  • You already have a CMS but don't know how to login or use it
  • You're not able to make updates using your mobile or tablet