PETA Case Study

A successful rollout of new branding and visual identity led to improved credibility and strengthened relationships with existing and new partners

Client background:

PETA Training and Consultancy is Portsmouth’s leading provider of corporate training courses and apprenticeships.

PETA has been providing training for over 50 years and is a pioneer in lifelong learning and career progression.

PETA was built by local businesses, for local businesses - today they are run by an elected council made up of over 300 companies. Their mission is to accelerate personal growth and bring prosperity to every customer by providing quality training in the most sought after skills and qualifications. Unlike many training providers, PETA also provides a range of consultancy and advisory services to advise employers on compliance and future training planning.

PETA website homepage on laptop

The requirement

PETA wanted to refresh their branding across their website, printed collateral, signage and merchandise. They recognised that their existing branding was in need of modernisation and no longer reflected their business accurately. PETA has a wide range of demographics and ages and needed their branding to be flexible and versatile in order to attract new audiences who are at different stages within their career. As they were celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2020 it was agreed to be a perfect opportunity to launch their new brand.

The main tasks included:

  • Brand Consultancy, Research and Design
  • Design and provision of Brand Guidelines and Brand Library
  • Bringing together elements of the family to sit within one brand (including the heritage of the previous logo and the “Get The App” apprenticeship brand).
  • Updating the branding across the website, signage, merchandise and printed collateral.

The solution

Serenity Digital started the process with a branding workshop with the Senior Management team from PETA. The branding workshop is a half day interactive session and is designed to clarify the company personality, mission and values, allowing the team to visualise and discuss what the brand should look and feel like. During the workshop Serenity Digital and PETA discussed their various audiences and their personas, their mission statement, what their unique selling points are and how the brand should flex for these different audiences. Also, discussions were made about the everyday running of the business, what expectations they have of the team and what brand archetype they fall into.

After the meeting, Serenity Digital performed further research and then produced updated concepts for the company logo and a visual style guide. This was passed to PETA’s Senior Management team for feedback and via collaboration, ongoing refinement.

Serenity Digital documented three main audiences; business decision makers, students and apprenticeships. The overarching family logo mark was designed with a nod to PETA’s past 50 years of heritage and the existing GET THE APP logo remained for use to attract younger Apprentices. The wider visual identity was designed to provide flexibility for the three audiences (in terms of colour, typography, shape, photography and tone of voice) and also flex between professionally printed sales & marketing collateral and internally printed course materials and documentation.

PETA brand guidlines

PETA magazine

The challenge

There were several challenges that needed to be addressed in order to achieve an ideal outcome:

  • PETA has a wide range of different audiences from a multitude of demographic backgrounds
  • The new brand was launched in line with their 50th Anniversary so needed to nod to the heritage of the company e.g. They still needed to be recognisable to their existing clientele.
  • The rebrand needed to balance out the risk and reward of investing in a full recreation of marketing and sales collateral for such an established organisation.
  • Consideration was required for the roll out across a 130 page course directory, the company website, building signage, merchandising and all printed collateral.

“As an established training provider with over 50-years’ experience, we had launched a new core value proposition of ‘Aspire to Learn, Apply to Advance’ to capture our headline commitment to our customers in delivering training, learning and development solutions. Our existing PETA image was dated and we were seeking a fresh look, that retained a clear link to who we were and that lifted our image to a modern and innovative training provider.

It was easy to work with the team at Serenity as they listened, challenged us, offered concepts, we challenged back and through working collaboratively listening and exploring our needs, we arrived at a new branding and image strategy that flowed through to a newly designed website , and our suite of marketing collateral. It is a pleasure to work with Serenity! ” 

Dawn Halfacre, Director of Operations, PETA

The outcome:

Serenity Digital delivered the project efficiently, effectively and in line with the budget set at the start of the project. The whole team at PETA loved the new branding “Pete and the team were responsive, true to the brief and arrived at a final product that was perfectly aligned to our needs.”

The highlights from the project include:

  • The new logo utilises arrows that reflect marks from their original logo. These arrows also relate to growth, improvement and moving forward positively (demonstrating a clear relationship to personal improvement and education).
  • The visual identity of the brand is now one of control and convey, being able to communicate clearly to a range of businesses.
  • The new brand was successfully rolled out across the South Coast in building signage, their website and printed collateral.
  • Improved credibility and strengthened relationships with existing and new partners.
  • Positive feedback from the PETA team, their board of members and clients
  • Consistency across all mediums

PETA directory

“Having worked with PETA for over 7 years, it has been a pleasure to help this wonderful business transition from their old brand to the new one we have designed. PETA have a wonderful range of courses, apprenticeships and consultancy services and it makes the Serenity Digital team very proud to have provided services befitting of such a respected brand. .”

Pete Garrett, Director, Serenity Digital