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We help businesses to grow their number of customers, sales & enquiries through the use of Google Ads.
Perfect for SMEs, including eCommerce, B2B companies and charities.

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Google Ads provides a plethora of advanced targeting options so your business can reach prospects at every stage of the buying journey.


With no minimum spend limit, you can choose how much your business can afford to spend on paid advertising and you can adjust this budget at any time.


One of the benefits of paid advertising is that once your campaign is set up, you will very quickly start to see traffic coming to your website.


Google provides users with powerful reporting stats which allows us to see costs and performance data which we can use to inform future decisions by understanding what's working and what's not.

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A couple of our happy clients:


We've been working with Serenity for just over a year and can't recommend them highly enough. They have been keen to learn about our industry and company which has enabled them to support us in all aspects of digital marketing and design. We've had some big projects on the books with them this year with multiple website builds, graphic design work, and big plans for our 60th anniversary next year. They have worked hard, efficiently, and with creativity to exceed expectations across all services, and we're looking forward to what we can achieve together in the coming year.

Nicola Wallace


We love working with Serenity! They have managed our website for 6 years, during which time we have found them to be very knowledgeable, responsive to queries and above all an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Serenity for managing your online presence

Stephanie Davison

Did you know that Google holds over 90% of search engine market share globally? Google Ads gives you the opportunity to connect with over 4 billion users.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a form of paid digital advertising. It allows businesses to pay to place their website at the top of Google search results and in front of users as they surf the web using keywords related to your offering.

With advanced targeting capabilities, we can target the right users at the right time and tailor the message according to where that user is in the buying journey.

How do Google Ads work?

Simply put, Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click basis (PPC). This means businesses only pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. We can control total monthly spend, the maximum amount we'd like to pay per click and who we'd like to target with the ads.

There are a variety of different types of Google Ads but the most common type is Google Search Ads. We can help you to decide which campaign type is best for you based on your marketing goals and the resources you have available.



We know that every business is different which is why we tailor our advertising strategy accordingly.


Our team has plenty of experience in running successful paid ad campaigns that get results.


We're more than just a marketing agency. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team.


We want our clients to work with us because they want to and not because they're tied into a contract.

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What you can expect when you work with us


Research, planning and designing

We'll begin by getting a thorough understanding of your business, its goals and what resources you have available. Once we have this information, we can plan how we can help you to achieve these goals and design a campaign that will get you results.


Build, configure and launch

Once we're happy with the plan and we've agreed a budget that you're comfortable with, we'll set up the campaign and conversion tracking to ensure we can measure the results. We are then ready to launch the campaign.


Track, measure and report

When the campaign is running, we'll regularly monitor the data and make decisions accordingly. Each month you'll receive a report from us to show how your budget was spent last month and what you received in return.


Manage, test and optimize

At this point, our job is to regularly monitor the campaign, ensure that it runs smoothly and investigate any changes in performance.  You can also expect us to carry out testing and seek out additional optimisation opportunities that could enhance the performance of your campaign.