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We’re always on the lookout for individuals who are a little more than they may initially seem. When searching we place personality, values and ethos before skills and enable staff to learn and grow within a motivating environment.

As a result, the feedback we receive most often is our unique ability to communicate complex matters, positively in plain English. This approach empowers our clients to make decisions that they are comfortable with.

In house expertise covers both creative and technical fields allowing us to fuse innovative design with solid functionality. Unlike many niche agencies we have the capability to deliver services across both print and digital mediums allowing you to trust one partner for your full communications strategy. 

Peter Garrett



I'm a "veteran" Designer and Web Developer with over 15 year's experience creating and delivering engaging communications through digital and print media. I pride myself on an ability to listen to clients' needs, research their target market and then create both digital and printed solutions designed to maximise engagement.

My skills range across all of our company competencies, but with my heart firmly settled on the creative side. I still love creative design whether it's out taking photos with our DSLR, building new brands from scratch, designing responsive websites, developing intuitive user interfaces or laying out print copy.


My love for creativity began in School & College where Art and Graphics were always a core interest. In my early 20's I recognised the changing shape of marketing and advertising towards digital platforms so took the sidestep back into higher education to achieve a first class honours in Internet Application Development.

Over my career I've worked in employee communications, heritage, multimedia and events industries, but since starting Serenity Digital in 2012, I've tailored my skills in consultation, design, marketing and communications to so many more. I love how working with a variety of business types over a range of industries always keeps me on my toes.


Family, Travel & Skiing. I love working hard; I have no issues with long hours of work as I have such a great team to work with; But, travelling is a huge passion of mine and I've been lucky enough to visit far flung destinations such as Bora Bora, Tahiti, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia and the US. I love breaking up the UK winter with an annual ski trip and between the long holidays have taken shorter breaks to France, Italy, Greece and Croatia.

Being healthy is also important to me. I hit the gym regularly as I love High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which destroys the calories allowing me to eat what I want. Around the gym I like running, rock climbing, kayaking, rowing and treks in the great outdoors.

Peter Garrett

Stuart Mullen


Stuart Mullen



I'm a Web Developer at heart with over 15 years of experience coding websites, online applications and software, and managing web servers. My strongest asset is an ability to explain technical problems in plain English, empowering our clients to make educated decisions. 

Day to day, my roles involve implementing the setup and configuration, as well as monitoring and maintaining our Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) web servers, database scoping and design, programming in PHP, CodeIgniter and MySQL. The use of these skills allows me to create simple and innovative systems to solve a range of complex problems.


My interest in technology began at a young age working for an electronic goods supplier and in my spare time around college and work I learnt the skills to build websites. During my twenties, my career in Web Development really took off; Alongside my nine to five, I also ran a successful Drum and Bass Forum and operated a number of other smaller sites.

Since my first role in Web Development, I now have over 15 years of experience. I've worked with a range of organisations, from SMEs up to corporate companies like IBM, Capita and Nintendo. In my early career, I was used to building projects based on the brief provided to me by my peers; As Director of Serenity Digital, I now work directly with our clients, consulting on their challenges and presenting them with our solutions, which is far more rewarding.


I absolutely love coming into work and being part of the great company I founded with Pete. It's incredibly rewarding to see other members of the team grow and succeed; And, I love the friendship which we all have working so closely together.

Outside of work, I find motivation is spurred from one of the many fitness classes that I instruct or take part in during the week. I love playing and tinkering with technology and like my team mates, save rigorously to afford to holiday - an absolute must!

Charlotte Osborne

Head of sales & marketing


My role at Serenity Digital is incredibly varied; I love that from one day to the next I get to use both my creative and technical skills.

For our clients, I implement comprehensive acquisition strategy so that they get the best results from their pay per click, re-marketing, email and social marketing campaigns.

And alongside this, I manage the lead generation and sales strategy for Serenity Digital. Building creative campaigns for our own social and email marketing, following up with leads and meeting with new prospects keeps me incredibly busy, but more importantly, very motivated.


I've been working in Marketing for over 13 years now and have developed a range of skills across many sectors and disciplines. My experience has always been in an agency environment, so I'm pleased to now be working in a Consultancy where the emphasis is far more on client relationships than bottom line.

At the beginning of my career I was working primarily with traditional sales techniques like cold calling and Pay Per Click marketing, moving onto new areas like social and email marketing. As I've grown into more senior roles though, my focus has shifted more towards project management and high quality client liaison.


Having been in sales for so long, I am completely results driven; So, achieving success for our clients really motivates me to get out of bed each day. I love variety also - marketing in particular is an industry which is constantly changing and keeping me on my toes.

Outside of work I love to travel. I got the bug many year back after taking a gap year to Australia. I now try to tick a country off the list each year, but also love holidays closer to home in Cornwall. In my spare time, I stay fit hitting the treadmill, bike and weights in the gym and between these pursuits I dabble with the UK stocks and shares markets.

Charlotte Osborne

James Gunn

Web Developer

James Gunn



As a Web Developer and Architect of complex systems, my strongest skill is my attention to detail. I'm very motivated by creating applications which not only exceed the brief but which also provide flexibility for future extension.

My skills mainly fall within the technical areas of Serenity Digital; As a Web Developer I am responsible for programming new applications, extending our existing systems, developing websites, optimising for search engines and managing/designing databases. Alongside these skills, I'm also a competent print art worker and search/social advertising specialist.


I graduated from University with a first class honours degree in Archaeology but immediately found myself thrust into the world of marketing in my early twenties. The variety involved working for an employee benefits communications firm and a local charity, provided me with a stable grounding knowledge to push forward into a more senior position when I joined Serenity Digital.

Over my career, I've supported corporate clients in the UK and Ireland and have worked across both printed and digital mediums. Along my career path I'm also picked up a few additional complimentary skills; Proofreading, copyrighting, search engine optimisation and developing high volume personalised print documents.


I've never been a morning person, but I feel really lucky to have found a place to work I look forward to coming to; It's somewhere that I feel like my contribution is really appreciated. During my time at Serenity, I've been lucky enough to learn a wealth of new skills. I feel incredibly motivated to be managing client projects, building complex systems such as website database search facilities, intranets, ecommerce systems and booking engines.

Like my work colleagues, outside of work, I love to travel - I love Asia, having visited Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Laos, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand. In the evenings and weekend, I play bass for a couple of Portsmouth based bands, gigging at local venues across the South Coast.

Vicky Glazier

marketing COPYWRITER


I’m at my happiest when researching and crafting content, but also love proofreading and editing text to transform complex information into concise, engaging copy that will appeal to the target audience. I enjoy juggling a variety of smaller tasks, but also relish managing larger projects that I can get my teeth into. 

Working with clients to understand their business and their marketing needs is a great part of the role. I love writing for all the digital channels, but also enjoy managing print projects from copy creation, right through to liaising with designers, photographers and printers to get the job delivered on time.


English was always my favourite subject and after school I went onto study media and corporate communications, coming out the other side with a BA and a professional qualification in journalism. I’ve had various marketing and communications roles in both the private and public sectors, gaining experience in a range of disciplines including public relations, copywriting, project management, digital marketing and advertising.

In more recent years I've specialised in the editorial side of marketing which inspired me to seek out a role more dedicated to writing. My role at Serenity is varied and enables me to work with clients to produce content that will have a positive impact on their business.    


It's great to work with such a lovely team and Serenity’s focus on wellbeing and flexible working is ideal. A great work-life balance makes coming into work a pleasure and motivates me to give 110%.

Outside of work, my three little ones and pet pooch keep me busy! I enjoy family bike rides, walks in the forest and camping trips in the warmer months. I also love to travel and can list South Africa, Australia, Canada, Thailand, Cambodia, the US and Greece as my favourite destinations. I also love to snorkel and have enjoyed many trips to the Red Sea in Egypt to experience the underwater world.

Vicky Glazier


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