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Brand Discovery & Identity Design

Brand, Identity and Logo Design

For companies and business owners who are not clear on direction, vision and goals, working out your values and aims is paramount to the successful implementation of a visual identity which your audience will relate to.

If you've lost focus, are creating a new product or service or simply wish to breathe life into a stagnant brand, we'll help you identify your strengths, your audience and help you stand out in your industry. We provide creativity and innovation, identifying and defining opportunities to create strong, sustained relationships with your audience.

We'll help you evaluate your position and future aspirations, define visual and emotional architecture which is fit for purpose and then construct an identity which is credible, understandable and memorable.

"Brand and Identity; Powerful agents to the unitiated.
But we are initiated..."

What does Brand mean?

Brand Design example for Love 2 Swim Ltd

To begin with, it is not you who is control of your brand, but those people who have experience of utilising your products or services, or that have day to day contact with your business.

Whilst you can help shape the experience these people have when having contact with your organisation, it is ultimately their interpretation of your business which describes your brand.

Our Director, Peter Garrett describes a brand as:
"The perception and emotional response to a company, its products, services and people..."

And how about Identity?

Brand Design example for DragonZfire Ltd

Many individuals think that a company brand and identity are the same thing. Whilst  every company should aim to align the two, often it is far from reality.

In a large percentage of cases company identities visually show how a company wishes to be seen, but the experience when having contact with that company does not always align.

This mis-alignment can be as simple as poor customer service not meeting expectation, the brand design not aligning with the quality of the products or staff underwhelming new prospects.

So, it's important that should you redesign your company identity, that you also identify areas where the experience of your brand is not aligning with your visual representation.

Peter's definition of Company Identity is:
"The graphical cues and mediums used to represent a company..."

Learn more about Brand and Identity

If you're interested in learning more about Brand Discovery and Identity Design, our "Brand.Identity.Logo" sessions are used to scrutise your existing proposition and help you identify how you can re-align your identity with the brand you wish to be known for.

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