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Serenity Shop

Serenity Shop - Our powerful ecommerce extension to Serenity Source

Having previously worked with many ecommerce clients, we bring a wealth of experience in building ecommerce solutions for your business. Serenity Shop is an extension that can be installed on top of our Content Management System, Serenity Source, giving you complete control over your orders and inventory.

The interface provides management in real-time allowing your customers to purchase your products quickly and easily via any Serenity Source powered website and the system can be integrated with a number of popular payment providers.

As with Serenity Source, the system is flexibly implemented so that your brand and identity remain intact - we'll ensure that layouts and design mirror your site so you don't have to compromise to sell your products within the same website.

Key features of Serenity Shop:

Easy online shop management
You can update your product library online 24/7, with no technical skills required.

Customisable ecommerce templates
We offer a standard set of ecommerce templates that give you the power to start selling straight away, or you can opt for custom templates that fully match your business and brand.

Feature packed product pages
Product pages can display a range of functionality including product images, pricing, style/sizes, videos, customer reviews and ratings, links to review websites and cross/upsell opportunities.

Stock and inventory control
Keep track of your stock online. Whether its an online order, you've just received new stock, or you're transferring stock out for a trade show, everything is logged within Serenity Shop.

Seamless integration with your back office software
If you've already got stock control or order management using a back office system we are able to integrate Serenity Shop into that system using web services.

Online product image resizing and cropping
Upload your product images as they are and you can resize and crop them online without the need for any third party software.

SEO friendly product pages
Because of our powerful Content Management System (CMS), Serenity Source, your product pages will rank highly within search engines so your potential customers find the products you're selling quickly and consistently.

Data export tools
Export your sales data straight into Excel or other software to run your own reporting and analysis.

Discount and promotional code support
Offer weekend specials or promotional discounts around holidays. Discounts can be monetary or percentage based to really maximise sales.

Multiple currency and shipping
Add multiple currencies and shipping options to your store to drive sales in as many regions as you require. You can also specify a minimum spend for your shipping options to ensure your customers are on the right tariff.

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