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Fantastic! I really like it...

Portland Hall Spa

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Fantastic! I really like it...

Portland Hall Spa

The brief

Portland Hall Spa, based in Southport, Merseyside, were recommended to us from one of our existing clients who loved the results of the work we crafted for them.

The existing content management system Portland Hall Spa had was extremely dificult to understand and the site had become out of date as a result. They sought an easier way to keep control of their site and wanted to ensure they could update it regularly with offers and price changes.

Portland Hall Spa homepage

One of the key missing features of their existing site was expansive information on their range of treatments and products and only a small amount of photography. We sought to change this.

Our solution

We designed a site and updated their identity to ensure that site visitors would really understand the experience of visiting Portland Hall Spa. The  Morrocan themed Spa was interpreted through rich dark colours and high resolution photography throughout the site to show off their range of treatments and products.

Portland Hall Spa Food & Drink

Built into the site are a range of areas demonstrating each treatment with links to their online shop, blogs and news, special offers, search engine optimised code and social networking integration.

As with all Serenity Digital websites, Portland Hall Spa's website now works on multiple devices including mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops.


In the Portland Hall Spa's first year online, the site received over 55,000 unique site visitors who visited 498,000 pages and read their content for over two and a half minutes each. 42% (23,000) of these unique visitors were from organic search results and over 23,000 of all site visitors looked on the "contact us" page to get details for the Spa.

Portland Hall Spa Treatments

Portland Hall Spa website