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Dreams Come True - A flexible site to meet the demands of this growing charity...

Dreams Come True

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Dreams Come True - A flexible site to meet the demands of this growing charity...

Dreams Come True

The brief

Dreams Come True Responsive Website

Dreams Come True requested our assistance with their new website to meet one key goal - simple content management. They were looking for a flexible system that they could easily update, which is key for a small charity with limited budgets.

Alongside easy management, they asked that we bring our creative ideas to the table. Dreams Come True have an established and recognisable brand, but wanted to see it put to better use throughout their online communication.

The charity specialise in realising the dreams of very ill and terminally ill children and young people across the UK; the stories of happiness and hope drive the charity, and naturally they also requested an easy way to promote "Dreams Waiting" and "Dreams Completed". As they have a regular stream of blogs, news, events and volunteer stories, they wished to ensure that the site was flexible enough for them to organically grow and alter the site as new news, blogs, videos and photos are added. 

Our solution

We started by using the full potential of their vibrant brand. The website needed to appeal to both families, supporters and corporate partners, so using their range of colours (whilst adding our own suggestions) mixed with modern and clear typography ensured that the site appeals to all.

The new design utilises high resolution, positive and colourful photography to ensure that visitors understand the importance of the Charity's work. This site benefits from over 30 site templates, allowing administrators to create:

  • Dream Stories
  • Dream Waiting Articles
  • Animated Carousels
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Video Galleries
  • Photo Galleries
  • Events
  • Promoted features
  • And much more...

The sheer number of templates at their disposal provides them with all the tools they need through our powerful Content Management System, Serenity Source, to grow and adapt the site to their annual or seasonal needs.

The site has been built to work on Tablets, Mobiles and Desktops, is search engine optimised and allows for the commenting and sharing of content on social networks.


Dreams Come True Responsive Website

Dreams Come True Responsive Website

Initial stats have shown that in the first week alone, the site bounce rate has dropped from an average of 50% of traffic, down to 19%, with in average visitor looking at over 5 pages of the website as opposed to 2 pages of the previous site.

Promotion on the homepage of their next campaign "Dream Tea" and their latest news articles has resulted in these pages/sections becoming the most visited on the website - all thanks to the flexibility and ease of use of Serenity Source.

Dreams Come True website

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