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A high quality, appealing website for a first class training provider...


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A high quality, appealing website for a first class training provider...


The brief

PETA Ltd are one of the largest and most respected training organisations on the South Coast operating for over 40 years with over 200 corporate courses, apprenticeships and traineeships aimed to fulfill the needs of individuals, industry and commerce across the UK.

PETA Ltd new website launch

Serenity Digital were originally approached with a brief which requested that the following objectives be completed:

  • Consolidate the existing PETA websites into one website
  • Ensure course information and resources were easy to find
  • Provide universal appeal for all their audiences (Corporate clients, Students, Parents and Academics)
  • Ensure the site can be accessed on a wide range of devices
  • Provide a simple facility for keeping the site up-to-date
  • Implement new course searching facilities ready for future online booking integration

PETA Training Website

Our solution

We began by overhauling the website sitemap; A website of this size needed to be simple to navigate and provide quick access to the key features and course information. The main site navigation highlights the core audience groups so it is quick and easy for users to find information created for them.

The homepage brings all 200+ courses immediately to the user's attention with a live search designed to pull back responses as the user enters their search. A full A-Z directory also ensures that all courses will be easily indexed by search engines and course directory categories allow users to quickly review and compare courses similar to each other within industries or subject areas.

In this first phase the site features static course booking facilities, but we've ensured that the site is aware and ready of future phase 2 updates which will ensure that courses can be booked, paid for and linked live to the PETA internal database of courses and course dates.

The site has been built to allow flexibility ensuring that training administrators (of our Serenity Source Content Management System) can make quick amendments on the fly. A range of additional features allow staff at PETA to create multiple promotions, special offers and feeds which appear around the site wherever they choose.

As with all our sites, the PETA Ltd website has been built with responsive design principles to ensure that users on mobile phones, tablets and desktops will receive a positive and engaging experience. Naturally the site also adheres to PETA's own brand guidelines to reinforce their identity throughout all marketing mediums.


PETA Training website

“We are delighted with the contribution Serenity Digital have made in designing a new and refreshingly attractive website for our business.  From the initial meeting through to the finished article we have seen a clear commitment to our company, our brand and our image – it has been a pleasure working with Serenity Digital and the use of their Serenity Source Content Management System has made our website so much easier to administer with peace of mind that the site is in the capable hands of the team.  Phase one has been a great success and we are looking forward to Phase two where we aim to integrate the website with databases and provide an online booking facility to our clients.”

Robert Hiskey, Director, PETA Ltd

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