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CVWOW - A new visual identity & website for this innovative recruitment provider...


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CVWOW - A new visual identity & website for this innovative recruitment provider...


The brief

CVWOW new logo

"CVWOW Ltd are changing" - That was the key message when asking why the need for a rebrand.

After a number of sessions discussing customer perception, brand alignment and identity redesign, it became clear that CVWOW were not just changing. They are continually evolving, improving, growing and adapting to the needs of their clients and prospects. And it's because of this growth, that the rebrand was so important as CVWOW have been perceived for some time, as something quite different...

CVWOW website

Alongside the requirement for a new brand identity, CVWOW wanted to ensure that their website (their main marketing medium) was the first item to receive the new lick of paint. We were asked to ensure that the site had appeal to both employers and candidates, corporate level viewers, small to medium enterprises and also CVWOW sales staff. Collectively we wished to ensure that CVWOW had a new website that they were proud to share and proud to promote.

CVWOW website

Our solution

Naturally our first step was to consult with key staff at CVWOW to find out what their clients, prospects, suppliers and indeed their own opinion was of the existing brand. From this research it became clear that the existing brand did not align with perception of the company. After a number of sessions discussing CVWOW's products, services, staff, unique approach, history and future aspirations, we set about designing a brand which would align more closely with their innovative services and personable approach.

The new visual identity has been designed to be sympathetic to the original brand so that it would remain recognisable within their field, utilising their core colours of grey and orange. We inserted an additional brand colour (Yale Blue) to bring about a flexible range of options within their communication - the blue was also chosen to imply professionalism, intelligence and trust.

A complete new set of typography was used to show how innovative and modern the company are, but we employed large serif typefaces for quotes and testimonials to ensure the warmth and personality of the staff came through. The logo uses the three core pillars of the company (Slate = Connect, Orange = Collaborate and Blue = Create) to create two triangular shapes which are purposefully offset to demonstrate the movement and changes within the organisation.

We purposefully used high constrast, colour filtered photography and simple iconography to steer clear of over used stock photography and ensure that the core themes were shown throughout the brand - themes of connection, collaboration, growth, change, flexibility, partnership, transparency and more... Addition information on creating CVWOW's new brand can be found in our blog.

The first phase of website development has been completed with the launch of the new site, new content and integration of the new visual identity. The site has been built on our bespoke Content Management System, Serenity Source and benefits from responsive layouts for mobile, tablet and desktop, social integration for easy sharing and simple animated features to draw attention and focus where required.

The second phase was launched in June 2014 and featured the creation of a bespoke candidate/job feed, allowing CVWOW candidates to login, search and apply for jobs. The website has been integrated into CVWOW's office systems allowing data captured on the website to automatically be entered into their admininstration system. The new job feed automatically pulls data from CVWOW's administration system, combing it with two other job site feeds allowing upwards of 100,000 job vacancies to be viewed, filtered and searched. 


CVWOW Website

Initial site statistics have been very positive with 1,000 views in the first week and 600 unique visitors. Visitors are spending nearly 4 minutes on the website and viewing an average of 5.5 webpages.

CVWOW Digital Marketing Manager, Matthew Holley said:
“Working with Serenity Digital has been an absolute pleasure. The staff are professional, experienced and extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields.

They delivered our project on time and on budget and although timescales were tight, it appeared effortless. The training they provided was comprehensive and they followed it up with regular support as and when we needed it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and look forward to working with them on our next project!”

CVWOW website

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