Serenity Digital Ltd - web design & web development specialists based in Portsmouth, Hampshire

We take inspiration from the beauty within the natural enviroment which surrounds us

Our ideals set us apart and make us unique from other web consultancies...

Our Ideals

Innovation & Creativity

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Online technologies and trends change at an incredible pace and we will always seek to adapt to meet the needs of our clients, their audiences and the devices they use. We will always endeavour to produce results that not only make you happy, but that surprise you too! Innovation and creativity will always be brought to any project we work on with you to ensure that your final product exceeds expectations.

Our industry moves rapidly so we will:

  • innovate in new areas with new products and services;
  • collaborate, review and critique everything that we do;
  • certify our work meets high standards and consistently exceeds client expectations; and
  • take measured risks in the pursuit for continued excellence in new areas.

Ambition & Pride

We believe that staff motivation is directly linked to client satisfaction. With a motivated and happy group of employees, we believe we can guarantee exceptional results for our clients every time.

Our team is the most important ingredient to our success so we will:

  • empower them to act autonomously;
  • inspire them to commit to our goals and achieve distinction;
  • influence them to take responsibility for all that they own;
  • encourage their participation in our digital and local community; and
  • facilitate a fun and inspiring working environment, after all, you do not need to be a suit to be successful.

Loyalty & Transparency

We are adament that our clients shall never feel as though we are hiding anything from them. We operate a clear and open relationship from estimating and invoicing through to all open communication and meetings.

In order to ensure our clients are happy with our relationship we will:

  • be flexible to provide updates via calls, emails and meetings at a frequency convenient for each client;
  • stick to budgets and ensure clear lines of communication where requests fall outside the initial scope of a project;
  • make concessions to assist with simple issues - you won't be charged for a 5 minute fix; and
  • reward clients, suppliers and prospects who share and assist with any future recommendations.

Environment & Society

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We are all busy people in this modern digital age; but it is sometimes important to take a break, review where you are and think wider than your own little bubble. Success breeds confidence and inspiration, so at Serenity Digital we invest time, effort and money to ensure that we are thinking more about people rather than about products.

We are part of a much larger world and must act in a consciencious way within it, therefore we:

  • take responsibility for our environmental impact;
  • look after each other via a safe working environment and close social relationships;
  • help those less fortunate than us via charitable causes, charity events and donations;
  • look after relationships with our clients and our third party suppliers; and
  • assist with local community projects which are in the interest of local people and businesses.