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Seven new ideas and a password based on your heartbeat...

New ideas in wearable technology

Date: 31-07-2014
Source: YouTube

Now mostly everyone likes the idea of wearable technology, but unfortunately, not everyone is 100% sure what is in development now, already finished or even possible at all…

Therefore, here are 7 items that should show you the exciting possibilities of wearable tech without resorting to the stereotypical Google Glass eyepieces that are flooding the recent news.

Dash Headphones

These smart headphones don’t just play music, they also measure your body temperature, number of steps, walking speed, calories and heart rate. Which isn’t bad for something that’s smaller than a £2 coin…

Find out more on Kickstarter about Dash Headphones.


A wearable GPS bracelet that synchronizes together with one worn by another person (presumably a family member), that will vibrate when the user pushes a button, alerting people to an “emergency”. Now this could be useful from anything to annoying parents at home to an actual emergency situation.

Find out more on their website about Cuff.

Nod Ring

If you’ve seen Minority Report you might know how this works, through the Bluetooth ring you can control electronic appliances and some smartphone apps, you can even use it to write out text in mid-air.

Find out more on Mashable about the Nod Ring.

 D Shirt

The shirt is laced with sensors that connect to a Bluetooth transmitter, allowing your movements and heart rate to be tracked with your smartphone.  The fabric can even be washed and ironed (apparently) as long as you remove the transmitter first…

Find out more on the Cityzen Sciences website about the D Shirt.

Smart Socks

This one for those slightly obsessive people out there… The socks contain an RFID chip that connects to your smartphone and also pairs each sock to its twin permanently. The socks then provide information on how many times they’ve been washed, as well as an estimate on how many washes remain until the end of the socks useable life.

Find out more on the BlackSocks website about Smart Socks.

 Smart Diapers

Yes, nappies are now also smart. They will apparently monitor the baby’s "outgoings" for signs of kidney failure and hydration levels, as well as potential urinary tract infections. Another thing not to worry about I suppose…

Find out more on the Pixie Scientific website about Smart Diapers.

Glucose Monitoring Contact Lenses

Currently in development by Google, these wireless contact lenses can potentially test the users tears for their glucose levels, making them very helpful for diabetes sufferers. Prototypes can alert users to decreasing glucose levels, helping people stay in control of diabetes medication and management.

Find out more from BBC News about the Glucose Contact Lenses.


Heart Rate Authentication Bracelet

Now that passwords are being labelled as more and more insecure, a Toronto based company has developed a much more science fiction answer… Nymi, a bracelet that can unlock a range of items from iPads to cars based on an ECG (electrocardiogram) of your heartbeat. The wristband will also have some gesture control capabilities, as well as a possible secure payment feature and LED alerts for emails or social media notifications.

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