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Our bet for Christmas 2015 best sellers... You heard it here first!

YouTube: MiniDrone & Parrot Jumping Sumo

Date: 08/01/2014
Source: YouTube

MiniDrone and Parrot Jumper Sumo

We all love a good radio controlled car or flying helicopter, but what about when you combine these ideas with our other favourite toy?

The tablet/smartphone!

The MiniDrone quadricopter and the Jumping Sumo robot are controlled via bluetooth/Wi-Fi using your tablet or smartphone and thanks to an on board camera, can also be driven out of sight.

They have recently been unveiled at annual Tech Conference, CES in Las Vegas and the manufacturer, Parrot are yet to provide a release date; all they have said is that it will be sometime this year.

Our bets are that these two little gadgets will be at the top of many a list for Santa at the end of 2015, with excited little kids and their Dads hanging on to December 25th to get their hands on them!

Well, there's only 350 days until Christmas.

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