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This would definitely make me sit up and take note - what a show...

Now THIS is how to communicate the mundane!

Date: 06/11/2013
Source: YouTube

Virgin America safety video

If like us, you've travelled on planes quite a lot, then you'll know that the in flight entertainment generally is supposed to trump the safety demonstration or video... But not on a Virgin America flight!

This video is a lesson on how to take the mundane and make it engaging. Virgin America (albeit with a high production cost) have created a masterpiece in communication which not only engages with passengers on their planes, but clearly engages to the masses on a global scale. On YouTube the video has over 4.7 million likes beating most of the "funny cats" videos hands down.

One of the reasons we love this safety demonstration is seeing how they still manage to satisfy all the normal pop video cliche's whilst delivering all the key content - great job!

I agree, we don't all have Virgin America's budgets... but maybe it's time for a little creativity? Next time you're reading your own words and they're mundane, lifeless and dull - why take a leaf out of Virgin America's books and try something different.

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