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Questioning what we read

Date: 12/02/2013
Author: Peter Garrett

This is a short post in response to a conversation I had with my father in law this weekend. We were discussing the credibility of information seen online with an increasing amount of amateur journalism, blogging and public social posts being used and shared as fact.

This conversation became very topical this morning when I came upon the following post on facebook…

I am in no way questioning whether or not this source is credible, and it may be that with a short amount of research that this post is true. However, I do want to mention a word of warning.

Please consider before sharing:

  • Could the original post here be a personal vendetta?
  • Could the original poster be seeking revenge and attacking this person’s name?
  • Could this be a prank between friends, which could easily get out of hand?
  • Do you know the source of the information to have a good reputation based on facts or reason?

With bloggers and tweets now being quoted as sources in newspapers it seems that so much of what is read could be put into question - let’s just hope that sources are confirmed to be true before being printed…

And, with tweeting, posting, updating and status-ing becoming so frequent (for many) please take your time to think about what you’re posting.


  • Is it legal?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it honest?
  • Is it tasteful?

You will be judged by what you post, so do your best to ensure that you shape your online self in the way you wish to be seen.

And remember, question everything you read!

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