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Google are starting to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in search results

Is your website mobile friendly?

Date: 20-04-2015
Author: Peter Garrett

From tomorrow, making sure that your website works well on mobile devices is going to be ever more important as Google changes how it ranks search results on smartphones. Companies that don’t provide a good experience on the web for their mobile users could find their position in Google search results plummeting.

For a while now, Google has marked websites that work well on tablets and smartphones as ‘mobile-friendly’ in their search results. Now they will start using this to help rank websites, pushing mobile-friendly websites higher up the rankings. With mobile usage continuing to increase now is the time to make sure that your website isn’t costing your business.

What makes a website mobile-friendly?

There are some key technical requirements that will make your site ‘mobile-friendly’ in Google search results. Content should fit on a mobile screen, text should be easy to read, buttons and links should be big enough to easily use on a touch screen and pages should be optimised to load quickly over a mobile internet connection.

At Serenity Digital, we have always been strong advocates of responsive website design. We believe that no matter what device they choose to use, a website visitor should always have the best experience possible.

As mobile devices are often used for initial web research, you want to make sure that this initial interaction with your brand is a positive experience. This almost certainly means going beyond the basic requirements and thinking about the different ways that mobile devices are used compared to desktop computers.

There is going to be content on your desktop website that isn’t relevant for a mobile user. It’s more difficult to browse around on a small screen so key content needs to be easy to access. Likewise there is functionality on a smartphone that you wouldn’t get on a desktop that may add to the user experience (e.g. precise location, making phone calls).

It’s also worth thinking about the mobile environment as a whole. Social media is a big part of mobile usage so it may be that your social profile and sharing links should have a more prominent place on your mobile website.

As with any marketing medium, you need to think about your goals, understand your audience and tailor an experience that works for them.

If you need help getting your website to work better on mobile devices feel free to get in contact and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Don’t know if your website is mobile-friendly? Test it out using Google’s handy online tool.

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