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Ofcom says fast broadband is still patchy. Check your speed on their interactive map.

Not all broadband is made equal

Date: 10-12-2014
Author: James Gunn

Britain’s telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has produced a new report into the state of the UK’s broadband and mobile internet coverage. Overall, things are looking pretty good with fairly broad coverage across the country. But look a little deeper and the gaps between the fastest and slowest broadband speed can be huge.

Whilst superfast broadband is available to 75% of households, only 21% have taken it up. 15% can’t get the 10Mbps that is seen as the standard requirement for a typical household. But of more concern to online marketers is that 18% of homes just don’t bother with an internet connection at all.

Ofcom Interactive Broadband map

What does this mean for website design?

Whilst we can continue to create media rich websites full of varied content, videos and imagery it’s also important to keep in mind those that are not able to access the best super speedy broadband and mobile internet.

This doesn’t mean we have to make dull websites – far from it. We just need to be aware of who the users are likely to be and create optimised websites that are accessible to all, no matter how they access the internet or which device they choose to use.

The fact that nearly a fifth of all households don’t even have an internet connection also shows that traditional print marketing and communication still have an important role to play in supporting an online presence.

The good news is that things are definitely on the up and the government is committed to improving the country's broadband infrastructure. 

How does your broadband compare on Ofcom’s interactive map?

To go with their report Ofcom have created an interactive map showing broadband coverage across the country. Take a look and see how you fare compared to the national average.

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