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Have you committed a digital sin?

Seven Digital Deadly Sins

Date: 01-09-2014
Author: Sam Totham

A 2014 web documentary collaboration between The Guardian and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) the Seven Digital Deadly Sins is actually a very well presented and relevant reflection on the current state of people’s digital interactions. As well as the length we’ll apparently go to either avoid talking to people or limit the interaction to as little as possible.

I personally think the best advertisement for the website is the aesthetics; the design is very clean and well partitioned with some nice interaction and functionality touches that make exploring the site fun as well as interesting.

The site is based around interviews and confessions from various people, my favourite being Bill Bailey, regarding the “sins” of online usability. The seven sections are broken down into three main features, the video at the centre including one of the various artists/celebrities, stories and submissions written by anonymous users and finally the ability to ‘absolve’ or ‘condemn’ sins of the day, examples of some of these:

  • I have an email account my partner doesn’t know about. (Lust)
  • I buy every new gadget that comes on the market. (Greed)
  • Romantic proposals on YouTube make me feel jealous. (Envy)

Finally my personal favourite…

  • I use Wikipedia instead of going to the library. (Sloth)

Once you have absolved or condemned respectively you can then choose whether you personally do/have the related sin, after this it provides statistics for what the other users of the site have chosen for the sin of the day. The statistics are simple but actually very relevant, as you can see discrepancies between people who condemn (but then admit they do it) or people who absolve the sin in question (but do not personally have/do it).

Now while  I accept that this site may not be in everyone’s taste it does not aim at shouting people down for specific sins and definitely does not come across in a judgmental tone at all. So even if you are put off by the title or maybe have assumptions as to what the site will entail, I recommend that you check the site out and at least watch a video or read a story or two.

Explore the web documentary now.

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