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Is anything that we use irreplaceable?

The rise of the smartphone

Date: 18-08-2014
Author: Sam Totham

The smartphone is quickly becoming the ultimate all-in-one device… (Similar to the remote from Click, but minus Adam Sandler).

Depending on user choice, a smartphone can now easily replace a wide range of existing devices, including:

Mobile phones, Landlines, Calculators, Watches, Alarm Clocks, Torches, Point and click cameras, Mp3 players, Dictaphones, Low price computers, Portable televisions and Sat Navs.

These are all devices that are being slowly pushed into obscurity (or have already been finished off) by the rise of the smartphone. Even the landline cheaper cost to premium phone numbers is countered by free-phone smartphones apps.
But what is next in the crosshairs of the inexorable smartphone advance?

Remote control


The next logical procession from the Universal Remote, as more and more smartphones are coming with infrared sensors that can control TVs and satellite boxes the individual remotes could be soon to vanish.




Digital wallets have been in the pipeline for a few years now but now new smartphones could have the required hardware to make it possible. Most banks already have banking apps, and with the coming introduction of the payment for London buses, tubes and trains by smartphone the all-in-one digital wallet cannot be far over the horizon.

Portable gaming

Portable gaming machines

Devices such as Sony’s PS Vita and the Nintendo DS series could easily be taken over by the smartphone if they remain static long enough, with the smartphone being (usually) cheaper and obviously able to perform a much larger array of tasks.


Medical Equipment

Obviously smartphones cannot replace complex medical equipment such as CAT scans and X-ray machines (fake X-rays maybe) but there are a few medical devices that could potentially be incorporated into future smartphones. Blood glucose monitors are within reach, as well as heart rate levels, calorie expenditure and sleep cycles.

So in conclusion, get ready to be able to do even more with your smartphone than you can currently! However there will inevitably be aspects of technology that the smartphone cannot replace, so if you’re a traditionalist then fear not, no one has yet developed a smartphone that can cut your hair or run for longer than a Nokia 3210 (yet anyway).

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