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Get paid to post on social media?

Date: 06-08-2014
Author: Sam Totham

It seems too good to be true but that is the idea behind new social media website Bubblews. The site recently progressed from its testing phase that started in 2012; the developers are offering a new, fresh look and feel for people who may be fed up of existing sites.

The creators of Bubblews want to build a new self-sustaining system where users who create content that other users enjoy and actively share are compensated for their work. Once a user reaches $50 (thats about £30 for us English folks) then they are prompted for their PayPal details and then receive payment within 30 days.

The big drive for Bubblews compared to existing sites such as Facebook and Twitter is a focus on content quality as this is the main complaint with current sites, with people being flooded with irrelevant pictures and posts that they don’t want or just blatant advertising that they didn’t sign up for. The idea is that the compensation is based on people interacting (liking, sharing & commenting) with your posts. This will hopefully restrict the posting to things people actually find interesting and engaging and so benefit everyone.

However Bubblews does have some obstacles to overcome.
  • How the content will be quality controlled to restrict spam and advertising…
  • How to contend should big name sites decide to integrate similar ideas…
  • Just generally getting their name out there to contend with such popular sites as Twitter and Facebook…


But should they hang in there long enough, then they have a unique idea and a good basis for prompting big changes and innovation in the world of social media.

Find more information about the website in this TechNewsWorld article or check out the Bubblews website itself.

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